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August 9, 2014

Letters | Complex Israel-Palestine conflict requires thoughtful approach; Dognapping sisters deserve praise; Stranger’s good deed provides lesson for students

Re: July 30 letter from Al Freeman, “Plenty of precedents exist for Israel’s response to attacks”

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Complex conflict requires

thoughtful approach

Re: July 30 letter from Al Freeman, “Plenty of precedents exist for Israel’s response to attacks”

You advocate Israel doing to the Palestinians what the United States did to Germany and Japan. Really? Do you really advocate that Israel drop an atomic bomb on Hamas?

If you do say so; if you do not, sit down in a dark place and try to use your God-given brain to think through the complexity of this tragedy that has persisted for thousands of years and in modernity since 1948.

Your comments are shameful and in no way comport with what the founders of Israel envisioned when they fought so hard to establish a home in their biblical land.

Michael Bloom

Pawleys Island


Stranger’s good deed

provides lesson for class

Thank you, Roger. I don't know your last name and you wouldn't let me take your picture. I wanted to show my students a photo of the kind man standing behind me in the check-out line in the Walmart Supercenter/Garden City Connector who paid more than $77 for my class supplies.

As I was checking out, this stranger asked if I was a teacher. I told him the 12 bottles of glue must have been a sign. He asked the cashier to stop adding the supplies to my bill because he wanted to pay for the rest. I was truly touched and at first said, "No."

He insisted and I realized the importance of accepting his gesture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this generous act of kindness and support. I only wish my class could write you a personal letter of thanks. I hope you will see this and know that I can't wait to share this story with them. You are my hero.

Lauren Bruce

The writer is a teacher at Georgetown Middle School.

Animal cruelty

Praise for sisters

who took dog

I just read online about the two sisters who were accused of stealing a dog. Apparently it was an effort to help the poor thing.

I live in Connecticut but have a home in Murrells inlet and was down there during that time period. When it wasn’t pouring it was 95 degrees and humid.

To leave an animal without shelter, and let me assume without food and water either is a bigger crime than these girls trying to help the poor thing. The owner of the dog wants to press charges and legally he has that right. That being said, he should be charged right back with animal cruelty. These girls did the right thing. Good for them.

Bob Zawadski

Stafford, Conn.

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