Letter | The world’s double standard for Israel

08/06/2014 4:31 PM

08/07/2014 10:04 AM

The world has reacted to the Israeli-Hamas battle with its usual double standard. There are protests all over Europe, South America and here in the U.S., and what are they protesting? Israel’s right to defend itself.

Hollywood stars and left-leaning citizens have jumped on the Palestinian bandwagon, protesting against the only democracy in the Middle East and siding with a terrorist organization. The Obama administration and particularly the Secretary of State, John Kerry, have tried to bring about a truce by equating Israel, a democratic nation, with Hamas, a terrorist organization. He is trying to use Qatar, which funds Hamas, and Turkey, which supports them, to help with the negotiations. With this kind of thinking, the Secretary should head to Iraq to convince them to negotiate with ISIS, another terrorist organization.

The killing of civilians anywhere during hostile action is horrible. We all know the stories on the Palestinian use of civilians as human shields so there is no need for this to be restated. However, after listening to the leader of Hamas, speaking from his hotel suite in Qatar, talk about the disproportionate number of deaths of Palestinian civilians with those of Israeli civilians, one has to wonder, what is his solution? Should Israel not use their technology (Iron Dome) and allow Hamas rockets, fired indiscriminately at Israeli cities, to hit their targets.

Here in the United States and in democracies around the world, the right to protest is a guarded and protected right. My question is, where are the protests for the 175,000 Syrian civilians killed, the brutal killings in Iraq by ISIS, the choice that ISIS gives to Christians, to convert to Islam, to leave or to die, or the daily killings in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa by the radical Islamists?

We seem to have forgotten about “our girls” being kidnapped in Nigeria and the “honor killings” in Pakistan. Where is the outrage and the protests? It seems that none of this matters unless it is the Jews defending themselves.

Unless we wake up and put a stop to all extremists, this will continue to spiral out of control or World War III begins. Either way we all lose. I do not feel secure when I hear our President say that “his team” is working on solutions that involve “our partners.” We need a leader, not an amateur surrounded by a group of amateurs who seem to have no idea of what is needed. God help us.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.

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