Letters | Turning the Bikefest tables on Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach; Bestler showing his ‘southern charm?’; ‘10 to watch’ prep football list left on key position players

08/04/2014 4:39 PM

08/05/2014 6:26 AM

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Trading places means

trading perspectives

Food for thought.

If the situation were reversed, and people associated with the Myrtle Beach motorcycle rally went to Atlantic Beach and shot eight people, killing three of them, would the Atlantic Beach town council be so supportive of a motorcycle rally?

W.T. Croghan

Murrells Inlet


TV channel surfing

astonishes reader

I was shocked when I read that Bob Bestler had watched Thomas Ravenel's TV show (Southern Charm) on the Bravo channel.

I didn't know cave men had cable service.

Tommy McCorkle

Myrtle Beach


‘10 to watch’ ranking

ignores unsung linemen

The top 10 high school student athletes to watch (The Sun News, Aug. 2) is a bit shallow. Except for a split time DT, there was not a single lineman in his top 10.

Ian Guerin has been consistent in keeping Myrtle Beach on a pedestal in having two Seahawks on the list. Although these two kids are excellent athletes I beg to differ that three of the top 10 positions warrant membership to local linemen.

Can't keep feeding on the "heroes" in football. Linemen are skill positions too. Of course it matters most where those on this top 10 list are at the end of the season. And when that time comes just remember who opened the holes for the running backs, and who pass-blocked for the QB's.

James DeFeo

Myrtle Beach

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