Letters | Global warming a global money grab; Native American plight provides context for Middle East conflict; Bike safety reminders important

07/28/2014 5:56 PM

07/28/2014 5:58 PM

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Climate change

‘Global warming’

a global money grab

How can you ignore Global Warming? We are bombarded with this unsubstantiated myth on a daily basis. The fact that still 40 percent know it to be a global money grab is amazing.

Just tell a lie long enough and the masses will give up and concede to it. So says the Marxist doctrine.

Johnny Thomas

Murrells Inlet

Middle East

Native American plight

shines light on conflict

Re: July 27 letter from George Gritmon, “Writer's use of Bible, history selective”

I would like to thank Mr. Gritmon for enlightening us on what is just for Israel. With his knowledge of religion and history, he should have no problem in returning the Native American’s land, which was taken from them by the Europeans with their weapons of mass destruction.

He should also agree that the Native Americans have more reverence for the land God gave them than any major religion. So, George get ready, Tonto will be knocking at your door and don't make him bring the sheriff. By the way George, look at the top of the page: It says “Opinion.”

Dean Guyton



Reminders important

for cycling safety

I'm so glad you published those letters reminding folks about the proper lane to use while riding their bikes on the roads. I know I was always taught that bicycles were supposed to go with the traffic in the right lane, and that walkers were to use the opposite lane facing the traffic.

In fact, I made up a little memory device that might be worth sharing. How do you like this? "Wheels go with, toes go toward." Think it will catch on?

Patricia Gartrell


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