Letters | Care for U.S. children in need before those at border;

07/20/2014 12:00 AM

07/18/2014 9:13 PM


Care for American

children in need first

Why does our government not care about the children of Chicago who live with drug violence, gunfire and gangs every bit as bad as what the illegal children who are coming here to get away from?

If average people still coping with the eight-year recession/depression can afford to spend billions of their hard-earned tax money to help terrorized children, wouldn't it be wise to help our own? I was always taught charity starts at home.

Once people in the murder capital of the country and other similar violent cities figure this out, government will be hard pressed to answer this question and rightly so.

Ann Westcott

Surfside Beach


Why the disparity

in gas prices?

Not too long ago, prices of gasoline jumped in Little River and environs. Coincidentally, prices remained the same in North Carolina and other areas where taxes are much higher. We were told it was due to "higher transportation costs."

However, in the following weeks, one North Carolina station not far away on U.S. 17 North lowered its price to $3.359 while the prevailing SC price was at least 10 cents more per gallon. Furthermore, for years I have compared Hillsville, Va. to the Beach and prices were within pennies of one another.

This past week, fuel was $3.439 to 3.459 while Hillsville sold theirs for 3.259 and less, and nearby Roanoke filled me up for $3.189 while across the street the price was 3.159.

Could someone please explain why all of our local stations rallied around the same price rise as the barrel increased in price and yet they have retained that price despite the recent drop of 5 percent per barrel?

Christopher Carlisle

Calabash, N.C.

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