Letter | Myrtle Beach stance on Harley rally off the mark

05/27/2014 1:09 PM

05/27/2014 6:56 PM

In an article on the front page of the May 16th edition concerning the spring Harley Davidson rally, city spokesman Mark Kruea states that the local rallies were good for some businesses but bad for others.

I am calling total B.S. on this statement. I am a local and for the last several years have taken a vacation from work during bike week to ride. When I ride, I stop at many local businesses. Even at the peak of the Harley rally, the local malls, grocery stores, restaurants and even Wal Marts are as busy if not busier than usual.

Even if the statement were true, does Mr. Kruea not think that the businesses predominately catering to bikers have a right to make a profit? Some of these depended on the rallies to make a large part of their yearly income.

Another thing I am tired of hearing is how the rallies take up the entire month of May. May has 31 days. The Harley Davidson rally is a 10 day event. The Atlantic Beach Rally is mostly a weekend event covering 5 days at most, leaving 16 days, or slightly more than half the month unaffected. At the conclusion of these rallies it is nearly a year before they are to be dealt with again.

These falsehoods as stated by Mr. Kruea and others such as Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes keep being put out to the public, even though they know they are false, making them lies. The bottom line is, these self- serving politicians are saying and doing what it takes to keep their worthless rear ends in office, even at the expense of hurting local businesses.

The writer lives in Conway.

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