Letters | Carolina Forest RR-crossing sign not needed; Weapons rules to blame in Fort Hood deaths; Graham’s votes on amnesty show he should be defeated; News should cover legislators, not beach tents

04/14/2014 5:58 PM

04/14/2014 6:00 PM

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Remove railroad crossing stop

to speed traffic flow

Can someone please tell me why there remains in place a stop sign at the railroad crossing on River Oaks Drive into Carolina Forest? The Carolina Southern Railroad stopped running long ago and all indications are that it won’t resume running any time soon.

Since other railroad crossings in that general area along the track do not have stop signs, why is one needed here? Why can’t this one be removed to ease the flow of traffic in this area?

Epp Lee

Carolina Forest


Weapons rules to blame

in Fort Hood shooting

The two shootings at Fort Hood speak loud and clear to the dangers of gun control. The reason that the numbers of killed and injured military persons were as high as they are is because of gun control, forced upon the military.

The military is given guns, trained to use them to kill people, then sent into places where they are expected to use those weapons to kill as well as protect themselves and their comrades.

Then using the flawed theory that controlling the carrying of weapons will stop gun violence, Fort Hood was set up by allowing a person with a gun to have all the time he needed to do this unnecessary killing. If they had been allowed to carry weapons on base, this would have not the sad results we see now.

A vote against Graham

is vote against ‘Grahamnesty’

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham votes for the third time to give your citizenship away to people who are here illegally.

So if my dad fought the Germans and was shot twice and hit by a mortar, and had to have a plate instead of a front skull, and had to go identify his own brother’s grave, so that you speak English not German or Japanese, and can be born a proud U.S. citizen, what does that say about you, to let this person give your constitutional citizenship away to people that will make you and your kids a minority in the very near future and make your country broke just in social services, and laugh at how stupid we are for putting a dollar in front of our flag.

Graham must go. No amnesty for “Grahamnesty.”

Focus on legislature,

not beach tent rules

We need people more educated on how their legislators affect their lives. That is more important than beach tents.

Come on Sun News. Start satisfying our clear need for political education. This needs to be front page. How do these legislators vote?. Or not vote.

That goes for city, county, state and Congress. This needs to be on the front page every day.

Leslie Campbell

Myrtle Beach

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