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April 13, 2014

Letter | Ban on beach tents not the end of the world: Go retro

Tents, tents, tents.

Tents, tents, tents.

It seems to be the end of the world based on all those letters about the end of tents on area beaches. “What other options do these families have” one recent letter asked.

I remember just 5 to10 short years ago there were no tents on the beach. This is a recent issue. What did these folks do before tents?

Growing up at the beach there was only Sea & Ski and Coppertone in the early 60s, and they weren’t waterproof. My mother would coat my nose with zinc oxide.

We wore hats, wide brim hats, had long sleeve shirts on. Today at 54 I still surf, sail, and spend most of my summer on the beach. I still wear a wide brim hat, cover my arms with a shirt, use spf 30 or higher waterproof suntan lotion, and use polarized sunglasses.

So, there are many other options for these folks. These folks are just spoiled like most Americans these days. The beach is hot, sandy, messy, but that’s what beaches are.

Buck up, lotion up, put on a hat, a shirt, and quit complaining.

And don’t forget the real issue here is not your comfort, it everyone’s safety.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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