Letters | In search of truth about Obamacare figures; Pelicans’ new slogan strikes out; Snowbird shovels advice to fellow visitors

04/11/2014 5:42 PM

04/11/2014 5:44 PM

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In search of truth

about figures

What am I missing? The Obama administration is claiming that they are meeting their goal of signing up between 6 million and 9.5 million people for Obamacare by the March 31st deadline.

As I understand it, no one is even sure how many of these people signing up were actually uninsured or were insured people taking advantage of getting lower cost subsidized insurance. When the law was first conceived the goal was stated over and over again to provide health insurance for the 45 million uninsured in this country. How can the administration claim any kind of success when they are only providing insurance for between 12 percent to 21 percent of the uninsured? How can they justify the enormous cost for such miserable performance? This whole thing sounds like just another lie. Aren't the American people completely fed up by now?

Ed Yaw

Pawleys Island


Pelicans’ new slogan

strikes out with fan

Re: Pelican’s new slogan, “Un-flocking believable”

We had planned to take our grandchildren to some of these games but will not now.

What a terrible example for our children. What are the adults thinking? This is in extremely poor taste.

Linda Frazier

Pawleys Island


Snowbird would rather

trade snow for discounts

After reading the letters from snowbirds complaining about locals' discounts, a few thoughts occurred to me. I too am a snowbird but appreciate the fact that locals receive recognition. They support businesses and community year round in a variety of ways. They pay real estate taxes and state income taxes and patronize local businesses.

They give back to the community through volunteer programs, sitting on local political boards etc. One writer even suggested a class action lawsuit. I'm curious if he feels that way when he accepts a senior discount. What about veterans discounts, military discounts, AARP discounts and a host of other discounts? I suggest people stop whining and understand that there are a number of ways to avoid being offended by local discounts. One of those is to shovel snow.

Alan Cox

Murrells Inlet

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