Letters | Pick Ralph Magliette in Surfside Beach runoff; Local in search of ‘locals discounts’

04/12/2014 12:00 AM

04/11/2014 2:36 PM

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Cast your runoff vote

for Ralph Magliette

I am writing in support of Ralph Magliette for Surfside Beach Town Council.

I served as a member of Town Council for eight years alongside Sammy Truett, Mr. Magliette’s opponent in the April 22 runoff eIection. Mr. Truett is a very nice man, but I believe he has too many demands on his time to give adequate attention to the needs of our town. Between running a small business, raising two children and coaching sports teams, Sammy is already fully committed. I believe the town deserves better.

Ralph Magliette is an energetic retiree with grown children. With an education in engineering and environmental science, Ralph has the knowledge to deal with the many infrastructure issues now facing us. Before his retirement, he was a senior research fellow at Merck & Co., working with large teams on complex problems and managing large budgets. He has a strong sense of community and has worked with many local nonprofit organizations, so he understands the needs of local people. He listens well and has a genuine desire to help others.

In short, I think Ralph is far and away the better choice for our Town Council. I urge Surfside Beach residents to go to the polls on April 22 and vote for Ralph Magliette.

Joe Martin

Surfside Beach


This local still in search

of much-mentioned discounts

Regarding the letters from disgruntled snowbirds who feel they are treated in a lesser way than local residents: I would love to know what businesses you are referring to, so that my husband and I might benefit from those discounts.

We have been full-time residents of North Myrtle Beach for more than three years, and so far have been given one “local discount,” which was about two dollars off from a liquor store. We don't play golf nor attend the big musical theater shows, so maybe that is where these discounts are given.

But we frequent all the other establishments in our town and receive no price reductions or better service. Operating a business in an area depending on tourists cannot be easy, and I believe these so-called local discount deals are being greatly exaggerated.

Piper Belanger

North Myrtle Beach

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