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April 10, 2014

Letters | Bill limiting veterinary services at shelters ‘immoral;’ Thanks to those who supported ‘Ragtime’ and ‘Patsy Cline;’ Snowbird’s response provokes writer’s ire

Re: March 31 letter from Michele A. Mittlbronn, “Bill shouldn’t limit low-cost services from animal shelters”

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Bill to limit veterinary

service at shelters ‘immoral’

Re: March 31 letter from Michele A. Mittlbronn, “Bill shouldn’t limit low-cost services from animal shelters”

Michele Mittlebronn’’s letter was quite an eye-opener. I cannot believe the S.C. Legislature would even entertain such self-serving, special interest legislation motivated by pure greed.

It's not like the shelters are providing sub-standard or poor service that needs to be curtailed. The present costs of veterinary services are already outrageously high. A recent visit for my 28 pound dog for diarrhea/vomiting, where all that was done was to press his abdomen, take his temperature, give him a shot and a week's worth of pills, cost $277. A routine visit for annual check-up and shots can run $300. or more.

How can a person on a fixed or lower income possibly afford this for their pet. Many folks with limited resources depend on the lower cost shots and services provided by the shelters to keep their pets healthy. This legislation, which primarily effects those with low or fixed income, must be stopped in its tracks. It is just plain immoral.

Janet Giordano

Myrtle Beach


Thanks to those who turned out

for March high school musicals

A heart-felt thank you goes out to the approximately 7,500 people who attended “Ragtime, the Musical” and/or ” Always ... Patsy Cline” at Carolina Forest High School in March.

All profits from the March Musical Marathon will be used for the “Always ... Patsy Cline” cast and crew's trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. CFHS is the only school in South Carolina, and one of only 27 schools in the nation, to receive an invitation to perform with 60 other countries at the world's largest theater festival.

Support from the entire community, through both ticket sales and donations, was overwhelming. I would especially like to thank Dr. Dan Strickland, Marion County superintendent of schools, for being in the audience and for spreading the word in his district. I am sorry, however, that our own superintendent could not work it into her schedule to attend any of the 19 performances.

Becky Bannon

Murrells Inlet


Response to ‘locals’ deals

demonstrates greed

Re: April 1 letter from Ronald Robertson, “Snowbirds treated differently”

My goodness - discrimination, constitutional rights, lawsuit. How absurd to throw these words around because of locals appreciation events.

Mr. Robertson, your greed is ugly to behold!

Judy Parker

Myrtle Beach

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