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April 6, 2014

Letters | To tent or not to tent; Applause for Curtis Loftis and transparent government

I read where the councils are getting ready to run some more tourists off and hurt the economy by banning tents on the beach.

Move tents,

don’t ban them

I read where the councils are getting ready to run some more tourists off and hurt the economy by banning tents on the beach.

The simple solution is to move the tents back to where the sand starts and move the lifeguards closer to the water where they should be in the first place.

How long have tents been allowed on the beach and what harm have they caused? The tents protect babies and senior citizens from the sun which can cause cancer, while they enjoy the beach. How about using some common sense. Also what is being gained? The biggest safety hazard is to allow vehicles to drive on the beach.

I guess after the closing of the Pavilion, motorcycles running wild, high-priced parking meters, eliminating some parking spaces and attempting to close parts of the boulevard make me wonder why anybody would choose to come here. Also, what will happen to the businesses that rent the tents?

Dan Stewart


What is the big deal

over tents on beach?

Until I moved down here, I had never seen tents on a beach. I have gone to many beaches, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and California, etc., amazing, no tents.

As for children, we used umbrellas and plenty of sun block, no problem. As for myself, if I find it too hot or crowded, I just stay home. Easy.

Charles Murjohn

North Myrtle Beach


Applause for treasurer’s stand

for open government

Re: March 22 letter from Curtis Loftis, “Making government transparent easier said than done”

I rarely write a letter to the editor, but I feel I must do so in strong support of S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis' letter.

I applaud his valiant stand for the public's interest in the face of his comrade's objections. This is heroic behavior to the maximum, in my opinion, and I would like him to know that at least some of the state's citizens are watching and are so very grateful for his courageous stand on our behalf. His efforts are highly commendable and I again applaud his actions and encourage him to continue with vigor his consistent support in the public's interest despite opposition.

Kudos as well to those continuing support of the badly needed Sunshine Law. Thank you more than I can say, Mr. Loftis.

Sybil Lay

Murrells Inlet

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