Letters | Please do something to save Inlet Square Mall; Note to Rep. Rice, impeachment effort shouldn’t be priority

04/05/2014 12:00 AM

04/04/2014 3:55 PM

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Please do something

to save south end mall

Re: March 11 letter from Pat Gerow, “A plea for someone to step up and save Inlet Square Mall”

I feel that letter hit the nail on the head. My husband and I have been coming to your beautiful state since 1993 and did purchase a condo in Garden City Beach. It has been so nice having Inlet Square Mall so close and convenient. We too have watched it get smaller and smaller and we find that very sad.

This mall could be made a busy place again by getting the right stores in there. I do not know if the rent is so high that no one can make it or what it could be. I do know it can be successful with a nice theater again and nice restaurant and a bit of imagination. I come from Massachusetts and we have a great store called The Christmas Tree Store. If someone wanted to get in touch with them, it would be perfect for this area, Their office is located in Shrewsbury, Mass. Belk is such a great store and the people working there are just so pleasant and friendly. The same goes for Stein Mart as well as JC Penney. So much is put into the new airport and parking over there that more people are arriving every day that means more possible buyers for our area.

Home Depot is always busy and that means there is a potential mall business. I only hope same one puts their thinking cap on and makes the Inlet Square Mall a successful place to go to. Do not forget the people in this area.

Joan Conrad

Garden City Beach


Impeachment effort

shouldn’t be priority

What is wrong with this picture? You have a new U.S. Representative from his state who thinks the President should be impeached.

I am not a fan of Sen. Lindsey Graham but at least he put aside politics and voted “yes” to end the shutdown in Washington. To Rep. Tom Rice and the others who voted “no,” maybe they are the ones who should be impeached.

Patricia Kennedy

Pawleys Island

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