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04/03/2014 5:04 PM

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Surfside elections

Do your research

on accusations

Re: March 28 letter from Mary Ellen Abrams, “Don’t re-elect divisive council members”

There are few facts that were overlooked or misrepresented. Seventy-three percent of all Surfside Beach council motions were passed by unanimous vote from May 8, 2012 until now.

Only 3 percent of the motions were passed by 4-3 vote. These figures can be verified by reading the minutes of the council meeting. Within the past month Rod Smith voted with the (three-vote) including the mayor on replacing the town judge, and Mrs. Beth Kohlmann voted in opposition. Mrs. Abram’s letter was in itself divisive and filled with hate speech. This town has gone too long with this type of elections. Just smear your opponent as much as you can and hope for the best. It’s time to stop it and get on with the business of the town. Not every vote should be cast the way the mayor would have it. Each individual council person should vote the way they believe is in the best interest of the town.

I fully believe that most reasonable people mulling these facts can draw their own conclusions as to who will best represent our town.

Mrs. Kohlmann has given freely of her time and money to local charities such as the South Strand Helping Hand and Honor Flights (for military veterans). I don’t mean a few minutes but hours and hours each month. She still has time to prepare for council meetings (read all the material the staff sends a few days prior to the actual meeting). It is very apparent that all council members don’t seem to have time to do that and are confused in council meetings.

Vote on April 8 for those who have proven they can do the work and remain fair and balanced.

Ron Saunders

Surfside Beach

Kohlmann’s approach

refreshing to voters

Re: March 28 letter from Mary Ellen Abrams, “Don’t re-elect divisive council members”

The minutes from council meetings are public information. The people of Surfside Beach need to go to www.surfsidebeach.org and read them, especially those from Feb. 25, where Beth Kohlmann stood alone with no team backup to help save the town $50,000 on wasteful spending on a beach rake. She wanted the money to go to a beach renourishment program. The council voted 5-2 to buy the rake. Beth Kohlmann was the independent no vote. What team was she on that day, Mrs. Abrams?

Mrs. Kohlmann also stated, “I hate it all” in reference to the parking situation in Surfside Beach and has stated many times she hates parking meter. They are ugly. Do you think Mrs. Kohlmann should have called a press conference to deny being on a team? Her votes, questions and her direct approach may upset you, Mrs. Abrams, but some of the residents find it refreshing. Remember, they are public records for all to see. As far as anonymous mass mailings that defame Sammy Truitt, I personally know that Beth Kohlmann holds him in high regard so your mention of it is ludicrous. When you refer to the docks, you failed to mention how they were outlawed in a special meeting when Mrs. Kohlmann voted with Mayor Doug Samples, Mary Beth Mabry and Mark Johnson.

The parking signs you mentioned were never purchased. The council as a whole voted to delete the actions.

So before you slander a woman who serves this town daily, volunteering for Helping Hand and taking care of many of our elderly residents by caring for them, perhaps you need to get your facts straight. Beth Kohlmann is not only good for Surfside Beach, but is a woman of her word.

Ann Williams

Surfside Beach

Rod Smith has proven

worth to Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach elections will take place on April 8th and will provide an opportunity to re-elect incumbent Rod Smith to another successful term. Rod is a commonsense fiscal conservative who believes in honest, rational and sober government.

Rod has been the steadying force on a not always steady council. He has successfully led efforts to maintain a balanced town budget (with a surplus) and without tax increases, while still providing many improvements throughout our town.

I have known Rod for all of his 15 years of residence in Surfside Beach. He is a man of faith and honesty and a man who keeps his word. I know he will continue to work diligently for this town’s best interest. Join me in voting for Rod Smith, proven the best man for the job.

Jerry Sweeney

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach needs

Bob Childs back in office

I am a 13-year resident of Surfside Beach. I have seen many candidates for council over the years but none as tried and true as Bob Childs. Bob served a term on council before and proved he has common sense and is very dedicated to the town of Surfside. Bob will listen and respond to your concerns. He will help move the town of Surfside forward. Be sure to cast a vote for Bob on April 8th. He will serve our town and your voice will be heard.

Alan Stein

Surfside Beach

Carrie Johnson a good choice

As town council member

My husband Bob and I have been family friends of Carrie Johnson for over 30 years. Carrie's tenacity is one of the reasons we moved from Virginia to Surfside Beach several years ago.

Carrie's ability to bring people together for the greater good has always been a strong characteristic. Raising her children and starting her own successful business in the Surfside Beach area was a great accomplishment. Her tenacity and can-do attitude has served her well.

Carrie is a Christian who serves her community with devotion and care. Carrie loves the town of Surfside Beach and clearly feels she is capable of offering her vast experience to improve upon a town that is forever changing.

We hope you give Carrie the opportunity to represent you on town council. Please vote for Carrie Johnson on April 8.

Connie and Bob Lambert

Surfside Beach

Unsigned flyers fail

to share the facts

Some cowards have been at it again in Surfside Beach. The unsigned flyers are flowing like the tide. The latest is laughable, as it is very easy to find the facts. Six present council members voted for the parking meters on Dec. 14, 2012 (see the meeting minutes at www.surfsidebeach.org) including Councilwoman Beth Kohlmann. On Jan 1, 2013 the same six members all voted to hire Lanier Parking to enforce the rules.

Since then Ms. Kohlmann has publically stated numerous times that she doesn't like the meters and views them as an eyesore. Ms. Kohlmann has been honest and states the council needs to revisit the issue and work together, not pointing fingers at others and acting like children.

Ms. Kohlmann has continued to be hard working and honest and listens to all citizens. Finally, an honest fresh vote serves on council. Vote Beth Kohlmann on Tuesday.

Mary Maruca

Surfside Beach

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