Letters | Senate bill allowing sea wall in DeBordieu will hurt, not help, coast; Surfside ‘team of four’ represent constituents’ wishes; Mandatory voting an idea whose time should never come

04/02/2014 5:19 PM

04/02/2014 5:21 PM

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If passed, Senate bill

will hurt, not help coast

For centuries the earth’s tides have both eroded and re-built our nations beaches and nature has done an excellent job of maintaining this balance between erosion and deposition. Currently one has only to visit Litchfield Beach to see that fences, built in the hope of protecting erosion of the dunes, have failed in that objective, and in fact appear to have added to the excavation behind the fences.

In Columbia, Senate Bill 390 will shortly come up for a vote. If passed, residents of DeBordieu will be permitted to erect a new steel seawall on public beach, a seawall that seems destined to fail in its supposed mission This beach is held in trust for the people of our state, and we should not allow the wishes of a few to intrude on the trust and rights of our public. This calls on our state senators, including Sen. Ray Cleary, to vote against S390.

Ian McLaren



Surfside Beach

‘Team of four’ represent

constituents’ wishes

headline here

Re: March 28 letter from Mary Ellen Abrams, “Don’t re-elect divisive council members”

According to our Mayor of the Town of Surfside Beach, council members must get their “four votes” in order to accomplish anything. He’s right, four votes makes a majority. Ms. Abrams’ letter appears to find it inappropriate for four members of council to vote together on an issue.

I, as a member of that council and also sometimes a member of “the four,” as she calls us, vote my conscience and also the opinions of townspeople who express their views on issues to me. I would venture to say that all members of council vote the same way. Not always does the “team of 4” vote the same way, but the “team of 3” always votes the same way. I think it is important to listen to the townspeople. After all, it’s their town and I am their elected servant.

Sorry Ms. Abrams, but I think your letter is a thinly veiled effort to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Ann Dodge

Surfside Beach


Mandatory voting an idea

whose time should never come

Re: March 26 letter from Thomas Geoghegan, “Not voting shouldn’t be a choice for Americans”

Never, in 63 years of reading everything from history to fiction, have I encountered a point of view as frightening or dangerous as the Putin-esque diatribe disguised as opinion that appeared in The Sun News.

Aside from ridiculous connections between “we should require” and results of such regulations is the undercurrent of totalitarian control. The notion that everyone should vote is a nice thought, but is as practical in reality as “they lived happily ever after”.

If someone knows nothing about an issue, nothing about the people involved, or couldn't care less about the outcome, they shouldn't vote. But that should be their choice, not a dictate from some authority figure.

George Gritmon

Little River

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