Letter | Driving permits for illegal immigrants? No way

04/02/2014 4:31 PM

04/02/2014 4:33 PM

On March 16 an article titled “N.C. immigration proposals study getting mixed reviews”, stated that “giving driving permits to immigrants in the state illegally should lead to safer driving although there’s no established statistical basis to verify that conclusion” and that “the experience in Nevada where 75 percent of people are in the state illegally failed the exam”.

The common denominator in both N.C. and Nevada is the word illegal. Just what part of the word illegal doesn’t anybody understand? Look it up if you don’t know. Anybody who thinks somebody who goes to Mexico illegally would be given the ability to get driving permits is out of their minds. Illegals in Mexico go directly jail and don’t get access to Medicaid, welfare, housing subsidies, food stamps or Social Security.

I have no problem with people who come here legally as my forefathers did and those who legally are waiting now to do so. But seriously, how can anybody think that giving illegals rights in the best interest of the country, unless you are a Democratic politician who is looking to get more potential voters to continue the give away programs to get more voters never thinking about how are we going to pay for such giveaways.

But wait, we’ll just print more money, that should take care of the problem; at least until our currency is worthless enough to paper your doghouse.

When my forefathers came here they wanted to become a part of this great country. They worked (look up that word too) hard to make a better life for themselves. They weren’t looking for freebies. They learned English. They didn’t demand schools teach their children in anything other than English.

In case nobody took the time to look up illegal and work, here they are:

Illegal: not according to or authorized by law.

Work: task or duty that’s one’s means of livelihood.

Stop the insanity and treat illegals the way the rest of the world (in China you’re shot) does and stop rewarding them for doing something illegal. That is like rewarding a bank robber or drug dealer for doing something – what’s that word – you guessed it – illegal.

The writer lives in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

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