Letters | Sell more tickets to Monday After the Masters; opinions on beach tent ban

03/27/2014 11:55 AM

03/27/2014 11:57 AM

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I find it appalling that the Hootie and the Blowfish Monday After the Masters tournament which is such a huge source of income for the education system of South Carolina only sells 2,000 general admission tickets. It is the most well-kept secret in the Myrtle Beach area when and where tickets are available and invariably they are sold out instantly. The Dye course has the room and facilities to fit many more fans.

It would only behoove the sponsors to make more tickets available to the general public and ring the register for the troubled S.C. education system.

Let’s come up with a new plan and help these kids get a better shot at life than those before them.

William Staehle

Little River

Beach Tents


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Tents do not belong on the beach. Over the past five years, they have become a nightmare. I have witnessed these creatures being erected at sunrise and not taken down until sunset. They are empty most of the time and are usually occupied by two persons. At high tide, no one has space to enjoy the coast except these creatures and their occupant. Umbrellas provide adequate protection for two or more and do not consume 144 square feet. Also, they are very colorful and create a pleasing beach scene. In my opinion, tents are great for craft show vendors, camping and back yards. Horry County needs to put tents where they belong with regulations prior to the summer season. If tents are needed for a special occasion, a permit should be available.

Jim Waters

Concord, N.C.



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I have been spending family vacations in North Myrtle Beach for as long as I can remember and I have never been more disappointed in my life as I am with this decision to ban beach tents. I cannot see the logic in this decision unless it is because the rental of the provided umbrellas are so low. Maybe they should look at the cost of $150 a week for umbrella and two chairs. When I first heard of this I called and spoke to a lady in the main office and was told that lifeguards couldn’t see up the beach and looking for children made it difficult with all the tents. If that is the true reason, then fix that. What is the council going to do when a umbrella that isn’t in the ground deep enough goes flying down the beach and hurts someone? NMB council, you just made a very bad decision.

Tim McCulloh

Salisbury, N.C.

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