Letters | Locals deals freeze snowbirds out; Restrictions, not ban, better tent solution; God promises heaven is our ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’; Myrtle Beach health care workers applauded; Volunteers tackle Burgess roadside litter

03/26/2014 4:32 PM

03/26/2014 4:33 PM

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Snowbirds feel frozen out

by ‘locals discount’ deals

It is very disturbing to read ads for “Locals Appreciation Deals” for various theaters and shows, The Palace Theatre, Alabama Theatre, and Carolina Opry -- just to name a few.

I truly believe this a wonderful gesture, and an opportunity to have local business, and certainly much appreciated by the local people. However, snowbirds who spend from 3 to 6 months here certainly boost the economy over the winter months by paying rent, buying groceries, gas, clothing, patronizing restaurants, golfing; just to name of few of the added dollars to Myrtle Beach. There has been nothing from these groups of theaters/shows to give the snowbirds even a little appreciation. These past few days have been Can/Am days, which would have been a wonderful opportunity to offer some sort of appreciation deal, but nothing!

We have simply boycotted these places, as have a number of our friends and neighbors over the past few years. We don't expect something as large as ‘”Locals Appreciation, but some recognition for our patronage to your area would have been much appreciated..

We are long time visitors (Snowbirds) and truly love being here, such friendly people, and beautiful area. Hope this will be taken as constructive criticism.

Betty Ann Lord

St. Andrews, NB Canada


Designated tent aisles

better than full ban

Re: March 14 letter from Bill Parker, “There is a better way to solve ‘problem’ of beach tents”

Amen and thank you to Bill Parker for his articulate way to solve this tent challenge. His common-sense way of explaining how this can work without tourists and locals fleeing from the Grand Strand is genius.

We all need some protection from the sun at some point during a day on the beach. Aisles of tents make sense. Hopefully the right people will read his article and take his advice.

Kathy Krauss

North Myrtle Beach


Heaven is Dorothy’s

‘Somewhere over the Rainbow”

My oldest granddaughter, 3-year-old Sofia, has a favorite song sung by Judy Garland: “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” from her favorite movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” This iconic film and song are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. They capture the imagination of both young and old with the idea of finding a place like Oz, somewhere over the rainbow, where dreams you dare to dream come true.

The song asks “if birds can fly over the rainbow, why can’t I?” The land of Oz is fictitious, but the Bible tells us there is a place called Heaven, a place where God’s throne is framed by a rainbow, a place where there are no tears, sorrow, or death, an eternal home for those who live lives pleasing to God on earth. Heaven is not fictitious. And the Bible tells us how to live so we can enjoy it. It is as real as the earth we now live on. Why not read your Bible, find His church, and be ready one day to fly over the rainbow with Him to a place called heaven — somewhere over the rainbow?

Steven Guy

The writer is pastor of the Myrtle Beach Church of Christ


EMS, hospital provided

quality care to visitor

During a recent stay in Myrtle Beach I had the unfortunate experience of a medical emergency.

I am most grateful for the prompt arrival of the EMS personnel and also for the efficient and helpful staff of the Grand Strand Medical Center.

It is reassuring to know of such excellent assistance when one is away from home.

Sheila Radford

Norwalk, Conn.


Volunteers deserve thanks

for tackling roadside mess

I'd like to recognize and thank all the folks from the Burgess Community who took their time and cleaned up the roadsides along Freewoods Road, Bay Road, Holmestown Road and Enterprise Road.

You did a wonderful job and all of us who travel those roads appreciate your efforts. Maybe the rest of us could bring our trash home and not litter our beautiful community.

Joanne Bouchard

Myrtle Beach

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