Letters to the Editor

March 25, 2014

Letter | When did America change its course?

What has our nation become? We are the nation of special interest and the home of double standards.

What has our nation become? We are the nation of special interest and the home of double standards.

If we were to lie to Congress, it’s breaking the law. But if Congress lies to us it’s just politics. If I were to dislike a black person that means I am a racist, but if a black person dislikes a white person it's their 1st Amendment right. The government spends millions of dollars to rehabilitate criminals but do absolutely nothing for the victims. Teachers in the public (government) schools can teach that homosexuality is all right, but another teacher is not allowed to teach out of the Bible about heterosexuality being God’s plan.

We as a people can butcher the unborn (abortion) but we think executing a mass murderer is wrong. We allow people to burn the flag that others are fighting for as we speak. We are unable to close our borders to Mexico nor can we as citizens protect them, while we find no problem protecting the 38th parallel (North/South border) in Korea with our military.

The courts say we have the right to have pornography on our televisions, and on the internet but we better not put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas. We have inmates with three meals, air conditioning and computers, television, etc., and yet our homeless rate still rises with the law-abiding masses.

We can take a human fetus and use it for medical research but we say it’s wrong to use animals. We take money from those who work hard for it and give it to those who don't want to work at all. I have noticed that the parents have traded in their responsibilities and decided just to give their children Ritalin and video games. This great nation of opportunity has become the home of the hand-outs.

If we as a nation have a national crisis today we form committees to determine who's fault it is instead of acting and helping. I have also noticed that people used to thank preachers for standing firm and strong and letting the word of God be heard but now they say we are too strict and are narrow minded, judgmental, old fashioned, and non-caring.

Please someone tell me what happened? Where as a nation did we turn and change our course? I am still proud to be an American but I am not proud of Americans.

The writer is pastor of the Socastee Freewill Baptist Church.

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