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March 24, 2014

Letters | Take proper care of America’s flag; Many who deserve thanks aren’t military vets; Fire volunteers provide valuable lifesaving service

Dear Editor,

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Give America’s flag

care it deserves

Dear Editor,

It is so nice to see business owners fly the American flag. However, please remember to look at them often.

Sun fades them, wind tears them. Many flags in Horry County are in need of replacement.

So this spring, when you plant flowers and pressure wash businesses, remember to look at your American flags and replace them if they look damaged. In fact, go outside and look at your flag now so you won’t need a reminder later.

Lauren Di Mauro

Myrtle Beach


Many who deserve thanks

haven’t served in military

With all due respect to deserving military veterans everywhere, who are offered free meals on Veteran’s Day, discounts at auto dealerships and free haircuts, I take time to thank the forgotten veterans throughout this country.

First, I thank myself and other retired or current law enforcement officers who have spent years of service protecting your safety and welfare. They may never have been in the military, but they sometimes risk or lose their own lives.

Second, I thank the EMS crew in Michigan who saved my life on March 23, 2010. They never served in the military. They and the firefighters risk or lose their lives nationwide each day.

Third, I thank my parents and grandparents (now deceased) for spending decades as veteran role models.

Lastly, I thank the frontline combat veterans of the medical profession who spend years fighting disease, hunger and poverty in this country.

Oh yes, and thank you truck drivers, security officers, Good Samaritans, the American Red Cross ....

Greg Lawson

Myrtle Beach

Smoke detectors

Volunteers take steps

to ensure fire safety

Recently, members of the Holmestown Volunteer Fire Department checked out my very old smoke detectors and replaced them with 10-year detectors.

They also added a few new ones, which they felt we needed. All this was accomplished at no charge.

I want to thank the Horry County leaders for having such a program that provides a great factor of safety for its citizens. Anyone participating in this program should make a donation, if possible. May God bless our fire department personnel.

Ted Potts

Myrtle Beach

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