Letters | As economy improves, won’t Whispering Pines’ revenues?; Workers’ abilities should determine wages; Applause for fire department’s cleanup efforts; Ovation for Long Bay Symphony performance

03/23/2014 12:00 AM

03/21/2014 5:56 PM

Whispering Pines

As economy improves,

won’t course’s revenues?

As a property owner and part-time resident of Seagate Village, I would like to urge the city to keep Whipering Pines open. I understand that it is a losing proposition, but I question whether this condition should be projected into the future given the state of the economy for the past few years.

I would venture to say that there is more than one golf course that has lost money since 2008. Also, even though Whispering Pines does lose money going forward, isn’t one of the primary purposes of government to provide services to tax payers regardless of whether or not it is profitable? Are the police or tire departments profitable? Are the county recreation or utilities departments profitable?

Maybe they are as I don’t know, but regardless of whether they make money, they exist primarily to serve the citizens. I think Whispering Pines should be viewed the same way -- as a service not a business.

Jim McDonald

Columbia, S.C.


Workers’ abilities, potential

should determine wages

President Obama said the other day that “No one who works full time should have to raise their family in poverty.” This is nonsense. It ignores that fact that many people bring low or nonexistent skills to the table or a person may have a degree in a field for which there is no demand. Someone sent me a video the other day of a Wal-Mart worker shoveling snow into a shopping cart. The snow was plummeting out of the bottom and back onto the ground. And Obama says this guy deserves a pay raise.

My businesses employ hundreds of people. Not a single one earns the minimum wage. Why not? It is because every one of them brings skills and talents to the table which merit higher pay. My experience has been when you give a mediocre employee a pay raise, all you have is a better paid mediocre employee.

My opinion is that President Obama and his minions have zero understanding of how business works and that the federal, state, county and city governments do everything possible to inhibit the growth of business and increased employment. Businesses succeed in spite of the government and not because of it.

Blaine Liljenquist

Surfside Beach


Fire station staff shows

community spirit

I would like to give a big kudos to the firefighters of the Lake Arrowhead Road Station 7 Fire Department for picking up trash and debris at the Highway 22 and Highway 17 interchange several weeks ago.

These guys work very every day and put their lives on the line to help the citizens of Horry County. For them to volunteer to help beautify our county by this trash pick up day is truly a great contribution and beyond their call of duty. I would personally like to salute and thank them all for an out standing job.

J. Lynn Medlin

Myrtle Beach


Performances brought

joy to grateful audience

It was a real joy to attend the Long Bay Symphony’s “An Evening at the Opera”. Maestro Evans melded a wonderful melange of well known mezzo soprano arias, pieces for chorus, and dances, into a seamless production. His eight selections flowed together like acts in a play.

The orchestra has impressive depth, cohesion, and range. The opening piece from the Marriage of Figaro set the standard for the evening. I have never heard better. This piece, and that from Carmen, showed the explosive fire, and energy, of this outstanding orchestra.

I particularly enjoyed the excerpt from Wagner’s Lohengrin. The brass provided an avalanche of sound, with the horns speaking like the voices of Nordic gods. The Carolina Master Chorale sang the chorus in true Meistersinger style. There was so much excellent music; and it all deserved the accolades it received from an appreciative audience.

The audience was also enraptured by the dancers from the Litchfield Dance Arts Academy. These young ladies handled a rich repertoire; from the more graceful “Dance of the Hours” to the energetic romp of the Can-Can. One dancer performed an almost uncountable number of perfect pirouettes; which brought spontaneous applause from the audience.

On a more capricious note. I have heard the Anvil Chorus many times -- but this time the anvil stole the show!

I come to Myrtle Beach to escape the Canadian winter. It is such a joy to find warm weather; but also to bask in the ambience of this cultural oasis.

Peter Weygang

Ontario, Canada

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