Letters | Conservatives sound like war is coming; Paper’s detail map unclear; Hurrah for Toomey’s Kids

03/16/2014 12:10 PM

03/16/2014 12:11 PM


Conservatives sound like war is coming

The conservatives of this country are ready to put us into another war. When you listen to Rush Limbaugh and every other commentator on the Fox radio stations and the Fox television news channels and when you read the columns of such as Charles Krauthammer and others, we should get our bombers and our atomic bombs ready.

Even the conservatives in Congress are ready for a scrabble. It isn’t enough that under Bush we fought two wars, killing thousands and injuring millions of our young folk? And at what cost! What have we achieved? I say to all those that want another war to line up and be the first to volunteer for combat no matter what their age.

Norbert Flatow

Myrtle Beach


Detail map in paper unclear

I was amazed to find a “detail of Enterprise Road area” in the March 7 The Sun News. I really feel that the map was a complete waste of printer’s ink; there were a lot of lines with no labels on them. The only thing I could identify was the Intracoastal Waterway, and “new bridge over Enterprise Road. Everything else was completely useless. Maybe I missed something!

Bruce A. Nye

Myrtle Beach


Toomey’s Kids helps out

I would like to recognize Toomey’s Kids for helping my special needs students at Forestbrook Elementary in Myrtle Beach. They have helped with funds and learning tools for many years now. Their love and compassion for our wonderful students have enabled our students reach their academic potential. Many technology tools that Toomey’s Kids has provided has helped with meeting individual needs for maximum success. I am truly grateful for Toomey’s Kids!

Michelle Tharp

Myrtle Beach

The writer is a special education teacher at Forestbrook Elementary School.


Why doesn’t overpass stretch further?

A major improvement to the traffic congestion at the Farrow Parkway and U.S. 17 intersection will soon be coming to an end. Unfortunately, it appears that the county is moving the congestion from Farrow Parkway south to the traffic light at Palmetto Pointe. What were they thinking? Why didn’t they plan on having the overpass extend past Palmetto Pointe so that traffic could flow freely all the way from Coastal Grand mall to the Coventry Road light?

Ray Vitale

Murrells Inlet

Good story

Tale about abused horse was inspiring

Thank you for publishing the story about a rescued horse named Sassy (“Surviving Against the Odds,” March 6) who resides at SC-CARES animal rescue center after being taken in by Cindy Hedrick. While the story was disturbing and sad to think that a human being would treat a helpless animal in such a cruel, inhumane manner, the recovery, through effort and love, is beautifully inspiring and gives value to the strength of spirit and hope.

In addition, Cindy made the article very informative, giving clear insight into what a horse may go through after such mistreatment. I hope you continue to print sensitive and informative stories that will better connect the human and animal world through understanding and thereby hopefully lessen the incidents of abuse.

Judi Thourot

Murrells Inlet

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