Letters | Whispering Pines solution; gratitude for Hands of Hope; NMB mascot continuity

03/15/2014 12:00 AM

03/13/2014 2:06 PM

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Whispering pines

Simple solution to course woes

I have a pretty simple solution to the Whispering Pines golf course predicament. For the city it seems to be a losing venture. I’m not privy to the specifics thereof, but I have played there and it is a pretty decent course between the roughs. There is a potential gold mine ready to be tapped.

I am referring to The Market Common and the new construction immediately surrounding it. Wouldn’t it be great for these new residents if they had their own home golf club offering resident memberships basically right next door? Wouldn’t it be great for Whispering Pines if they had a ready-made group of golfers eager for golf club memberships right next door? Seems like a pretty good solution to me!

Rich Gale

Myrtle Beach

Hands of hope

Gratitude for program, Ripley’s

The semi-annual Hands of Hope bereavement camp was hosted recently by the awesome Ripley’s Aquarium. They allowed us the use of their facility and staff for the weekend and I am just blown away at their willingness to support this camp. Me and my kids lost the greatest person in the world to cancer, our loving mother and wife, on Aug. 5, 2013. We have been devastated in dealing with her loss, but Hands of Hope has given us a way to cope and get through our loss. We have met some incredible people that have experienced losses such as ours and are afforded the opportunity to connect, share and sometimes cry with each other. But in the end we are all healing. Ripley’s Aquarium gave us an awesome venue to allow us to heal and be together as a family in this desperate time of need. My heart goes out to Camp Hands of Hope, he Ripley’s Aquarium and all their staff that made this weekend possible.

Mike Rickerd


Hands of hope

Grief camp, Ripley’s helped family

My family recently attended a grief camp at Myrtle Beach called S.C. Camp Hands of Hope. We lost a 6-month-old son, Rex, in December 2012 to a genetic disorder called spinal muscular atrophy. Hands of Hope is an awesome organization that helped us during the last few months of his life, and then provided counseling to our family after he was gone.

I am writing this letter to thank Hands of Hope, in addition to Ripley’s Aquarium, who is a huge supporter of this camp. My family loves the amount of support Ripley’s gave us including the use of their facilities and the opportunity to do the stingray adventure! I cannot express how much it means to our family to have such wonderful people in our lives! Thank you so much Hands of Hope and Ripley’s Aquarium!

John Clark



Mascot should be same at all schools

My name is Tori Lane and I graduated from North Myrtle Beach High School in 2013. I moved to North Myrtle Beach when I was in third grade and was one of the first students to attend North Myrtle Beach Elementary. When I entered the North Myrtle Beach school system I became an Eagle. Since then the mascots have changed with each school I have attended. With the new system of having each school K-5, I think this is a perfect opportunity to make a change and create a unity throughout our schools and our community.

When you graduate from North Myrtle Beach High, the saying has always been “Once A Chief, Always a Chief.” All of our sports are known as the “Chiefs” and I believe all of our schools should have that same mascot of being a “Chief.” It is the benefit of the students, the benefit of the community, and builds one tribe. We are the “NMB Chiefs – One Tribe.”

Tori Lane

North Myrtle Beach

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