Letters | Russia’s real motive; what Canadians are looking for; stop commenting on Heather Elvis case

03/13/2014 1:26 PM

03/13/2014 1:28 PM

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We need to understand Russia better

I find it difficult to believe that no editorial writer or politician understands what I learned in high school, as they are all prognosticating as to what may happen given the Russians’ next move in the Ukraine.

I learned that for centuries the Russians have sought a warm-water seaport. They had it in the Crimea but Khrushchev gave it to the Ukrainians in the 1960s.

The seaport in the Crimea is their only way out of their country for nearly six months of every year, and they aren’t going to give it away easily.

It is about time the American press and politicians begin to understand this and act accordingly!

James E. Dunn

Myrtle Beach

Can-Am Days

Heated pools a deciding factor

As Canadians visiting the Grand Strand we were pleased to read the news and information in an edition of The Sun News regarding the upcoming Can-Am Days. It truly is a lovely area.

Note to the Chamber and homeowner associations – if you’re looking to attract even more Canadians at this time of the year, heat the pools! This is a big deciding factor for visitors from the north who will choose Florida over Myrtle Beach every time when learning the pools are not heated at this time of the year. I know we will be next year, which is a real shame.

Irene Cole

Shanty Bay

Heather Elvis

People’s opinions, comments not helpful

I know this letter will make a lot of people angry. But that is in no way what I’m trying to do nor in any way am I taking sides, but I have to say this.

The Moorers have been in the media, Facebook comments and blogs. Everyone has a theory and a comment. These people have already been tried and convicted by thousands of people based on the media; people don’t have all the facts and never will. There’s a Facebook page called “Sidney and Tammy Moorer murder trial,” and one called “The State of South Carolina vs Sidney and Tammy Moorer,” both based on media and people’s opinions. What people don’t know is that very few cases ever make it to trial, most cases are plea-bargained.

Because of all the pressure from the public, I have to wonder if the solicitor’s office arrested these people based on evidence, or they figure that under pressure this couple will turn against each other and the truth will come out. If this doesn’t work and this couple makes it to trial, is a jury in S.C. that won’t convict them? So it’s a win-win situation for the solicitor’s office, regardless of the evidence.

And the Elvis family loses no matter what. I truly hope the Elvis family receives the answers they deserve, but as a parent who has lost a child I know for a fact that they will never receive closure. They have to live with this the rest of their lives. I can tell them that the pain and sadness will always be. It will ease up, only to come back in full force at times.

But what I guess I’m trying to say; I don’t think all the speculation is helping. Close the Facebook accounts and quit with the opinions unless you have a helpful tip. Say a prayer for these people and let these families deal with this in their own private way.

Kathy Burns

Myrtle Beach

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