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March 12, 2014

Letter | Gun permit holder ‘least of your problems; Aquarium’s bereavement camp provides hope, help in dark time

There have been quite a few comments and opinions published lately on the subject of firearms, and I would like to offer another.

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Permit holders are

‘least of your worries’

There have been quite a few comments and opinions published lately on the subject of firearms, and I would like to offer another.

First let me clarify the following: I am a second home owner in this area, my primary residence is in Vermont. The differences between South Carolina and Vermont as they relate to crime and firearms are night and day. South Carolina consistently ranks in the top five year after year in property and violent crime rankings, the top being the worst. Vermont consistently ranks in the bottom five, the bottom being the safest.

Vermont also does not regulate the carrying of handguns. We can carry what we want, where we want, open or concealed, no permit required. The obvious conclusion is carry laws do nothing to address crime, they only affect the honest citizens. A permit holder in a bar is the least of your problems, the criminals do not get permits.

Gary Murdock

Little River


Aquarium’s bereavement camp

provides needed comfort

My children and I attended the Camp Hands of Hope Bereavement Camp, held at the Ripley's Aquarium this past weekend. I just want to take the time to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for their donations to make this program possible.

The children were simply delighted by this enchanting experience. Each child was able to join the stingrays in their tank, and sleep under the aquarium. Many organizations in the Myrtle Beach area donated food and other items. I want to thank them too. Finally, the staff and volunteers were wonderful. It was a bright and sunny time to help my children and me during a dark period.

Jacqueline Moss


Event helps survivors,

honors departed loved ones

Holding back the tears as I entered the Ripley's Aquarium for the first time since being there nine years ago with my husband brought back memories of a wonderful life we shared. As I gaze at the first family portrait we took back then, I smile, then begin to celebrate in my emotions the fun and exciting time the aquarium was back then and still is today.

I want to thank Ripley's Aquarium for caring about our loved ones who have departed this life, and for giving my children and I a chance to celebrate my husband's memory. The staff was wonderful. Again thank you so much for caring about my bereaved family journey through this process of healing and strength, I am forever grateful.

Sharon Williams

North Augusta, Ga.

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