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March 15, 2014

Letter | Do the research before leaping to gun-death conclusions

Re: March 3 letter from Desmond Shaw, “Concealed weapons expansion could drive already high gun-death rate higher”

Re: March 3 letter from Desmond Shaw, “Concealed weapons expansion could drive already high gun-death rate higher”

Law-abiding gun owners get so tired of the uninformed constantly throwing data that is either false or manipulated to fit their agenda. There are mountains of factual information that clearly refute so many of the concerns or ridicules scenarios proposed by the uninformed.

A little research will find that 45 states already allow the carrying of guns in restaurants that serve alcohol, even the bastions of liberal minds like New York. There have been no gunfights to date. If there were, our liberal, anti-gun media would have quickly jumped on the dead bodies to promote their agenda. Our President used the CDC, not a gun-friendly agency, to look into guns used in self defense.

Unfortunately he found it did not fit his agenda: 800,000 to 3,000,000 civilians used a gun in self defense many times without firing a shot. FBI statistics show that states that enact concealed carry laws show a distinct decrease in crime. Florida was the leader in issuing permits to its citizens. . Numerous felons in prison admitted their biggest concern was an armed citizen.

The most important thing you need to wrap your mind around is that gun laws are only for law abiding people. The criminal doesn’t care. You might as well make a law against drinking for Mormons. As for the latest; will you need your gun in the restaurant? Very probably not. Will need it in the parking lot or garage? Maybe, and many are not willing to take that chance because criminals and druggies these days are ruthless.

Now for the very interesting worldwide murder rate. I will take it that you did your research but you are talking apples and oranges. Plus the United States unfortunately gets it a large portion elevated murder rate from gang activity. Law enforcement and its methods so far have been ineffective when dealing with drugs and the violence they perpetuates. Ironically, cities like Chicago, Newark, Los Angeles and upper Manhattan have the most restrictive gun laws and the most violent crime.

Chicago this year set a record for homicides. No rants by the media or liberal pundits. Why? Because they can not blame guns, only criminals, and if they have to do that they have to blame the system and the people running it. Think about it.

Three of the greatest mass murders in history were in countries that had constitutions and free speech, with leaders that confiscated all the citizens’ weapons before they crushed the populace. Mao Tse Tung , Stalin and Hitler. Hitler’s famous quote in 1939, ” We will register all the guns so the police will know where they are and everyone will be safe.” How do you think that worked out for the Jewish population?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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