Letter | North Myrtle Beach tent rule will drive away tourists

03/09/2014 11:43 AM

03/09/2014 11:44 AM

Here we go again. Tents are no good, says council; let's ban tents on the beach. And, let’s slip into the ordinance a new, not in prior ordinances, restriction on the size of an umbrella.

Yep, North Myrtle Beach is ready to ban tents, and it appears Myrtle Beach and Horry County are ready to lock step the ban too.

We must have too many tourists coming to the beach now. Maybe we don't need that one-cent tourism tax to attract more tourists in Myrtle Beach.

Banning tents from the beach will keep those with sensitive skin, grandma, and young kids from having a place to get out of the sun while their families play at the beach.

Oh, those cute little tents that parents put up for babies.. Nope.. Not allowed.

Oh, let’s go further, let’ limit the umbrella size that has not been in the ordinance before. Now you can only have a 6-foot umbrella. Can you even get three people under a 6-foot umbrella? You know, those ones that shred and become weapons when the wind blows? Most of the sturdy, canvas-topped umbrellas are more like 8 feet in diameter. They protect from the sun better, are more stable and you can get more than one chair under them.

How did they come up with the restriction on umbrella size? Wonder how big the city rental tents are?

Why was there no public workshop to discuss this as was done before the prior ordinance was created? The ordinance was amended to be more flexible for tents after its inception, so now let's ban them? And, let's have council do this in February when we'll have less input from our local people and not much time for rentals to notify their guests. Just sayin ....

What a way to welcome our guests and treat our residents.

Whether you are in favor of banning tents or not, this is the time to get questions answered and let your council know what you think before the ordinance is passed. City Council meets next on March 17 at 6 PM.

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