Letters | Do the math to find the truth on causes of death; Impeach Obama; Focus attention on West Virginia’s plight

03/06/2014 10:40 AM

03/06/2014 10:41 AM

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Do the math

to find the truth

Thank you William Livezey, for your thoughtful rebuttal of Eugene Robinson’s racial profiling article (Feb. 27). I am not a professional statistician, but I did score in the top 93 percent in my college statistics course (or, more cruelly stated, in the bottom 7 percent of the class).

Mr. Livezey points out the statistical fact that eliminating black on black murders would eliminate nine out of 10 black murder deaths. Similarly, if we were to eliminate white on white murders, we would reduce murders of whites by 82 percent, or slightly more than eight out of 10.

More than one half of all deaths in the United States were caused by heart disease, cancer or respiratory failure. Taking Mr. Livezey’s statistically sound proposal a step further, over half of the deaths in the United States would be avoided if we were to devote all our medical research efforts to curing those three diseases.

Sure, people with diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, etc. would perish without any hope of a cure, but Mr. Livezey’s logic of doing the most good for the most people should give them some comfort

Aaron T. Euglad

Myrtle Beach


Contact your representatives

and demand impeachment

President Obama should change his title to Totalitarian Obama as his personal intentions are to strip you of your constitutional rights by using executive privilege to change the laws governing items such as distribution of wealth, rewriting existing laws for the Justice Department, IRS rules and regulations, socialized medicine (Obamacare) to name a few.

He has violated the constitution by stripping away your rights as a citizen to control your freedom. In the corporate world, failure to perform is grounds for termination. He is abusing his self -imposed power and is guilty and should be fired (impeached) for lack of performance. If we continue to accept his method of management, we are the loser. It’s time to take control and protect our bill of rights. Contact all of your elected representatives, express your concerns and advise them of your expectations for them to protect your rights and remove Obama from his office.

PS: He should not receive any severance compensation as he is currently overpaid at your expense.

Donald C. Sheldon

Little River

West Virginia

West Virginia’s plight deserves

more attention from nation

Since when has West Virginia become a third-world country? If the “poisoned water” issue had happened in New York City, or Washington, DC everyone would be up in arms and ringing every alarm bell to make sure that the deplorable matter was addressed immediately and those responsible were held accountable, either financially or criminally. And our citizens who deserve proper representation and protection would in fact receive it, and do so in a timely manner.

Not for West Virginia ... just a bunch of hicks and rednecks living there. Shame on us all for not demanding better for them.

Frank Daniels

Myrtle Reach

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