Letters | Do your homework before deciding about Keystone Pipeline; Sad day when simple pleasure ride prompts fears; Improve, don’t abandon city’s golf course

03/03/2014 6:09 PM

03/04/2014 6:28 AM

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Do your homework

to see need for pipeline

I have been reading the numerous letters regarding the Keystone Pipeline, the pros and cons and even the inaccurate information (TransCanada Pipeline builds and manages pipelines, they do not explore for oil), but I digress.

Let’s examine this issue in a logical non-partisan way. The first question should be, is America self-sufficient in oil? The answer to this is no. Then you ask yourself, where can we buy oil, do we buy it from countries who hate us or possibly a friendly neighbor to our north? To this I assume even geographically challenged liberals will answer, Canada. The next logical question is, how do we get it here? The choices are trucks, trains, tankers and pipelines. The first three possible answers require the burning of oil to get it to us, while the pipeline requires little or no energy.

For those of you who are still against the pipeline, I ask that you do a little homework, find out how many miles of pipelines we have in this country, and tell the readers how many spills have occurred from these pipelines.

Now, for those of you who still think it is a bad idea and that we need to stop depending on fossil fuels, I’ll tell you this, buy a bicycle and stop being a hypocrite. If you think alternatives are viable, then walk the talk and get rid of all your fossil-burning vehicles.

Francine Dube

Myrtle Beach


It’s a sad day when

pleasure ride prompts fear

Recently, I was reported for suspicious behavior to a local Home Owners Association member who is on-call to investigate resident concerns. It was a beautiful day so I was riding my moped in an adjacent residential neighborhood, only going 15 to 20 mph. so I could enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I went through the neighborhood twice.

As I was almost home, a man going the other way in a car called out to me so I stopped to see what he wanted. He told me some ladies had called him concerned that I might be casing their neighborhood for a burglary. I was astonished. I pointed to my house and said I like to ride around slowly just enjoying the weather. He said not to be concerned, he was just obliged to investigate their call.

The incident made me feel sad, that people in such a peaceful never-burglarized neighborhood would be so fearful of crime.

Robert Somerville

Myrtle Beach

Whispering Pines

Improve, don’t abandon

city’s public golf course

Whispering Pines Golf Course was built by the men and women of the Air Force. It was not built to be an entertainment center. It was meant to be a golf course.

In order to make Whispering Pines more user-friendly, a forward tee should be made. To attract more golfers who fly in, golf bags from UPS and Fed X should be accepted at the course so that Whispering Pines would be their first and last stop. In the summer children should play for free.

Since the city announced the changes they have lost the mens and ladies leagues. Soon the golf academy and any golf outings will also be gone. All of this had generated considerable income that will no longer be there. If the city does not want Whispering Pines Golf Course, it should be turned over to a veterans’ organization.

Kirby Kelly

Myrtle Beach

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