Letters | Thanks to Myrtle Beach Convention Center staff; Low wages end up costing taxpayers more

02/14/2014 4:38 PM

02/14/2014 4:39 PM

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Myrtle Beach center’s staff

excelled despite weather

In this era of great displeasure with our government, I feel I must give credit where credit is due. During the January snow/ice storm, my company held the 38th Annual Hotel Motel and Restaurant Supply Show of the Southeast at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (A city owned and run building). And I can not say enough about the great job the employees did in helping to make the event successful even with the challenges the weather presented.

The staff from security, convention services, engineering, all the way up to administration, were stellar. Not only did they do their normal jobs, they stepped up and performed services that were no where near anything they normally do. (Example: putting out sand and salt.) And on and on. They did it with smiles! If I could have hand-picked a group to work with under these very stressful conditions, I could not have done better.

Regardless of the weather, the economy and its overhead, goes on. Our decision to go on with the show turned out to be the right one, but without the center’s entire staff’s professionalism, we could not have pulled it off. As a taxpayer and business owner I am extremely proud to have such an asset in our city. They are a fine example of what good government should be and can be.

Myra N. Starnes

The writer is president of Leisure Time Unlimited, Inc.


Low pay scale costs

taxpayers in the end

Finally somebody understands that low wages cost us more than we save. How much of our taxes go to subsidize businesses that pay minimum wage?

We can’t keep paying their medical, food and housing .It’s time we understand that greed will ruin this country and bring back the unions stronger that they were. Ford had the right idea, make sure that your worker can afford what he makes.

People who work for Wal-Mart have to shop at the Dollar store because they cannot afford to pay Wal-Mart prices.

Philip O. Fleury St.

Myrtle Beach

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