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February 13, 2014

Letters | The folly of liberal thinking; Direct Air payout adds up to rip off; Before closing Ocean Blvd., address parking/safety issues

Re: Feb. 3 letter from Billy Long, “Why I believe in free enterprise, not socialism”

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‘Educated’ liberals take

uneducated stances

Re: Feb. 3 letter from Billy Long, “Why I believe in free enterprise, not socialism”

Just read the letter submitted by Billy Long and it is the best letter of the wrong thinking by the liberals in this country.

All that should be common sense and thought about by the supposedly educated folks that are sitting in our government. Wish he had could make the powers that be understand you have to work for your money and not be given them by the people that do labor, or could teach the professors that have the job of putting our people on the right track.

What good is an education to rise up and make something of and for yourself if it is to be taken away to keep those recipients waiting for a hand out poor, dependent and uneducated as to what life is about.

Connie Smith

Myrtle Beach

More praise for writer’s

free enterprise stance

In regards to the letter to the editor written by Billy Long, I think it is one of the most well written letters I have ever read in over 25 years of reading The Sun News.

Yes, I agree with the content but it is so well written, cogent and easily understood that I felt compelled to comment on it. I think this should be required reading in high school and college civics and political science classes. Many of our institutions of higher learning are very left leaning ( read liberal ) and this one letter would go a long way in presenting the other side of much that is taught in classes currently.

Dennis C. Marcello

Myrtle Beach

Direct Air

Settlement payout

adds up to rip off

On Aug. 31, 2011, I purchased four Family Ties tickets from Direct Air, in good faith, for a total of $676. This was not my first time buying tickets from them so I trusted them.

Using one of the tickets, I booked a flight for my daughter to fly from Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach on March 29, 2012, returning to Pittsburgh on April 5, 2012. However, Direct Air canceled all flight on March 13, 2012. I never got to use any of the tickets. I wrote letters to everyone I was told to write to. I sent all information that was requested and I continued to follow up with the people handling the case.

This is the rip-off part. Last week I received a check dated Jan. 15, 2014 for $179.14. I know if a person robs a bank and is caught they go to jail. The owners of Direct Air are known, and, as far as I'm concerned they have robbed many people. Are they going to jail? How much money did they lose? I'm a senior on a fixed income and can not afford to give away $496.86, can you? I wonder how many others out there feel that they were ripped off too.

Jacqueline L. Blakey


Myrtle Beach

Address parking, safety

before closing street

I have resided in Horry County for the past 20 years. I no longer go downtown to the beach because of the lack of adequate parking, and the cost of the parking meters.

In addition to that, I do not feel safe, walking to and from my car. I suggest that the council members of the City of Myrtle Beach take a good look at Broadway at the Beach. There are free, ample, well-lit, security-patrolled, parking areas at that location, which serve a large crowd of tourists and locals during the summer months.

Instead of closing a portion of Ocean Boulevard, first address the parking/safety issues.

Donald Webber

Myrtle Beach

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