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02/11/2014 12:00 AM

02/10/2014 7:37 PM

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Media plays a role

In making guns cool

I recently read this online: “School shootings unnerve Americans, but the number of children injured or killed in those tragic events is just a fraction of the young people harmed by firearms each year in the United States, a new study finds.”

This got me thinking about when I was a child. The media did not make “gun” such a hot topic so therefore kids were really not interested in them. We did not think about making a name for ourselves. We lived on a farm and shot cans off the side of the barn even before I was school age.

Then the rifle was put in the house and no one paid any attention to it. It was like a piece of furniture and not really interesting.

We also played cowboys and Indians outside. We really got our exercise and running done so we would have been too tired to sit around thinking of mischief.

I feel sorry for anyone who has lost a child, to shooting or otherwise, I lost my only son years ago . I don’t know the answer but just maybe if the news media stopped playing up “guns” and “gangs,” kids would stop thinking they were sooo interesting and not want to try them out. It’s like smoking cigarettes. Advertisers used to show smoking cigarettes would make you fit in and popular and kids related to that and wanted to be the “cool kid.”

Jenny Askew

Myrtle Beach



to a legend

America lost a great citizen in the passing of Pete Seeger. God bless you Pete.

Though you are gone, your music and your deeds will live forever.

Dean Guyton



Sky won’t fall

with new gun law

Regarding the new law about carrying firearms into establishments that serve alcohol. The hand ringers are having a field day playing very loose with the “facts” as they see them. First all the doom and horror they predict will not come true. South Carolina is one of the last states pass such a law. The other 40 odd states that have done so have not had the problems predicted here.

People who have a concealed weapons permit are proven law-abiding citizens who obtained the permit at great effort and cost. This class of armed citizens are not going to do foolish acts that will result in revocation. The law only allows you to carry if you do not consume alcohol. There is a stiff criminal penalty as well as a 5-year revocation of the permit.

Stop making much ado about something you know little about until you first take the time to get the facts not rumors passed on by fellow gun haters. CWP holders have made the effort to protect their loved ones, let them do so.

Don Comfort

Myrtle Beach

Whispering Pines

How could course

tally such a deficit?

Whispering Pines, a great public golf course has come under fire. Susan Grissom Means made a motion and put on the agenda to close it. Mayor John Rhodes agreed and city manager Ron Andrews said it was stupid to keep it open. Andrews said it was losing $250,000 a year for the last four years.

I would like to know how the golf course could lose that much money in a year, then wait four years to deal with it.

The golf course was given to the city by the Air Force for the vets and the public to use. Andrews said the new “master plan” was to install soccer, and baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts. This after it was admitted by the city that they could not manage a golf course only.

Somebody brought up the idea that the course was too long for older people to play. I have the answer; they can just play nine holes. Now, city council wants to bulldoze a perfectly good golf course and waste millions of dollars to satisfy a few people.

There are three Par 3 courses at the Midway less than a mile away. There are also two par 3s and an executive course at Tupelo Bay a short drive south of these.

There are also free public tennis, and basketball courts on Kings Highway near the exit to Whispering Pines and the airport. (It won’t take long to count the cars in those parking lots.) Myrtle Beach is a golfing town and golfers play in all kinds of weather year round. These are your heads on beds, Mayor Rhodes.

Dale Huggins

Myrtle Beach


Costly insurance law

will hurt everyone

This health care bill is not only going to hurt taxpayers on the front end for coverage, they now want us to pay for it because it's too expensive and not working for everyday Americans.

Stop spending our money and making us slaves to the U.S. government's mistakes.

Dawn Collins

Surfside Beach

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