West Virginian strikes back; Guns in bars; Gratitude for medical care

02/10/2014 5:39 PM

02/10/2014 5:41 PM

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Op-ed column

Writer likely knew nothing

of the real West Virginia

I really don't think it is a good idea to allow an opinion article entitled “Is West Virginia a cult?” on your site when West Virginians are a big part of your tourism business. It looks like it is coming from your community, and I was fuming until I researched it a little and realized this was a syndicated author who doesn't really have anything to do with Myrtle Beach.

I very much doubt if this author has ever set foot in West Virginia, so she knows nothing about our way of life. People like this who write about a subject without knowing anything about it should be ignored, and that is just what I am going to do. I would suggest that you monitor this type of article, because I along with several other West Virginians were sharing this on Facebook and most people's reaction was that they would never spend another West Virginia dollar in Myrtle Beach. If this goes viral, it could put a dent in your economy.

Marilyn Crosby

Kistler, West Virginia

New law

Guns in bars settles

inequality issue

Re: Gov. Nikki Haley's proposal to allow permitted guns in bars, I applaud her vision. It's about time a concerned politician did something to cure the serious gun inequality between the schools, the malls and those bars.

It doesn't seem right that the schools and malls should be the only venues that are having all the shootings and killings without giving an equal chance to those places where the patrons drink their beers and boilermakers!.

Way to go gov.

Robert Edelman

Myrtle Beach


Grand Strand medical care


I am three weeks removed from a triple fusion surgery performed by Dr. Eugene Giddens at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. My first fusion was done in New York due to a workplace injury in March of 2010.

I moved to the Grand Strand with no knowledge of any medical experts or anyone with any back expertise. Thanks to Dr. Benjamin Duffey, at Litchfield Medical Center, who ordered new exams and recommended me to Dr. Giddens for review and consult.

Due to the immediate review of exams and consults with Dr. Duffey, I underwent a four-hour lumbar fusion with removal of previous spacers. Dr. Giddens along with his fabulous team inserted rods and screws, as well as opening bones that allow my nerves to no longer be pinched, thus allowing for pain-free movement. I am a retired fireman from New York, and I have found the best neurosurgeon i could have ever hoped for.

Thanks Dr. Giddens. I owe you more than I can ever repay.

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