Letters | Just say no to concealed weapons in restaurants, bars; Guns in restaurants OK but not at gun shows?; Thanks to North Myrtle Beach leaders

02/06/2014 12:00 AM

02/05/2014 8:14 PM

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Just say no to concealed weapons

for bar, restaurant patrons

When one reads that South Carolina is moving to allow concealed guns in bars and restaurants I think of the “mutual destruction” principle. I am pro gun with a few simple rules. We have speed limits and seat belts in cars to save lives. I can picture a restaurant being robbed and a well-meaning dude opens up on the “perp,” but what if he misses or the perp fires back as other carriers open up. You get the picture.

Say you’re in a bar and have a disagreement. The dude with a gun decides he can only win the debate by shooting. His brain power is diminished and you can't blame the gun, right?

Let's remedy this by issuing everyone in South Carolina with grenades, and then when you are threatened by a concealed gun owner gone rogue, you pull out your grenade saying “make us angels.” Hey, it works in the Middle East right? We have parity with nuclear weapons because our guns/weapons on both sides just got to be too big.

Guns are great once you get past the school, movie and mall shootings. Once again, the average American loses his rights while the gun lobby and manufacturers prosper. Frankly, I prefer rifles myself for greater distance and accuracy. Target shooting is lots of fun but it comes with accepting a lot of responsibility.

Let's prove to the country we aren't totally nuts in South Carolina and defeat this nut job right to carry in bars and restaurants.

Jack Donavan

Little River

Guns not OK at gun shows,

but fine in bars, restaurants?

I read the Jan> 24 article on the new gun law, getting ready for the governor to sign. If I understand correctly, it allows folks with concealed weapons permits to carry loaded firearms into a restaurant. Now of course this includes restaurants that serve alcohol.

I understand that the folks who support gun rights want to have the right to carry a loaded firearm anywhere -- church, stores, etc. -- except a gun show. I can also see why they don't want loaded guns in a gun show; the shooting accident at the last show here in Myrtle Beach is why.

If you go to www.cegunshows.com and look at gun show protocol, you’ll see it says no loaded guns. Any unloaded guns have to be zip tied. So how is a concealed weapons permit holder going to protect himself with a zip tied unloaded weapon?

On the other hand, if a waiter or waitress is slow or surly, or some jerk cuts you off at the salad bar....

Jim Weaver

Myrtle Beach

City pride

North Myrtle Beach leaders,

workers deserve thanks

TI have lived in the City of North Myrtle Beach for 19 years and am so proud of all our city has accomplished.

I believe you get what you give, so I have volunteered on some of the citizen commissions our City Council created. Thus I speak as one who has assisted in the various runs, festivals, parades and events our city has hosted. I salute our Public Safety and Parks and Recreation departments for a job well done. It makes me proud to see such professionalism and efficiency in the set-up, safety and clean-up for these events. Thank you.

My thanks also to the Grand Strand Running Club. They are a fantastic group of people who have organized runs in our city to benefit various groups and are to be commended for all they do.

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