Letters | Kudos to road crews; Bipartisan group seeks more Iran sanctions; Save the Whispering Pines green space

02/04/2014 5:05 PM

02/04/2014 5:06 PM

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County crews deserve kudos

for performance in storm

I would like to personally congratulate the staff and management of the Horry County Transportation Department on their superb efforts in dealing with our recent snow and ice disaster. Their superb planning and execution in removing and maintaining the dangerous ice and snow on a great many of our major routes resulted in some of the best driving conditions in the state, possibly the whole East Coast.

Being originally from south central New York, I was very impressed with their action. They sure could have given lessons to their counterparts in Atlanta, Ga.

Hey, guys, congratulations on a “4.0” job. Get some well deserved sleep and relaxation over the next few weeks. You've sure earned it. I know that I'll sleep a lot better knowing you guys are around.

Thomas Gacioch


Nuclear weapons

Bipartisan group seeks

harsher Iran sanctions

Re: Jan. 30 letter from Terry Munson, “Don't sabotage potential progress”

The legislation to impose even harsher sanctions against Iran should they violate or not reach agreement within the six month deadline is a bipartisan action, not just a Republican action. This effort is being led by Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey. These sanctions are to activate if the Iranians violate or fail to reach an agreement within the time frame agreed upon.

Given the Iranian history of deceit, lying and hiding their nuclear ambitions and their continuing support of worldwide terrorism this seems to be a very viable option should the talks fail to accomplish the purpose of stopping an Iranian nuclear weapon.

I do not think anyone is in favor of war with Iran, but unless they are stopped now, the result of Iran with nuclear weapons will be a worldwide disaster. As for the leaders of the P 5 plus 1, you can discount Russia and China, Iran's allies, Britain and Germany, who favor peace at any cost, and France who seems to be the only one who realizes who they are dealing with.

So if the Senate passes this bipartisan legislation the sides will be drawn; the Congress of the United States against the President of the United States, along with the countries of Russia, China and of course Iran. Does this make sense to anyone?

Rick Richter

Murrells Inlet

Whispering Pines

Locals should unite

to save course space

My protest of the Whispering Pines Golf Course closing is not based on a few selfish golfers. The 300-plus acres across from the airport is a Myrtle Beach treasure.

Please City Council, go spend some time walking through forests, crossing little waterways, being with wildlife amid the quiet. The city needs to preserve and maintain this unique place with or without the game of golf. I encourage those residents on the perimeter of Whispering Pines to envision high bright lights coming into their windows with the sound of screaming participants at the new activities being suggested by the City Council.

Locals stand up and shout : “No more bald spots in Myrtle Beach.”

Roger L. Means

Myrtle Beach

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