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January 31, 2014

Letters | Repair the gazebo; Impeach Obama; Stop preaching vegetarianism

Re: Jan. 3 news article, “Gazebo spurs worries”

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Gazebo serves important

role for many at beach

Re: Jan. 3 news article, “Gazebo spurs worries”

You bet it does. My husband and I retired here from New York. We chose Myrtle Beach to be near family and for the beach. Unfortunately I now use a walker and wheelchair to get around. Neither works well on the sand.

Then we found the 79th Street gazebo. Not only could I enjoy the beach but it had a roof to protect me from the sun. I am sure I’m not the only one who uses this gazebo. Many retirees and snowbirds are in this same predicament – not too much sun and not mobile on the sand. I hope the powers that be reconsider taking down the gazebo and put the roof back on.

Susan and Michael Botti



Obama’s crimes add

to impeachment fuel

I am absolutely convinced that Obama should be impeached! Why? The list is easy, Benghazi, Obamacare and his lies, IRS targeting, violations of the Constitution, rule by executive orders, national debt explosion, spending hundreds of millions on vacations while cutting veteran benefits and military forces, his war on religious rights, foreign policy fiascos and the list goes on.

There is only one single reason that I can think of why he shouldn’t be impeached, and that reason is Joe Biden.

Stan Lechwar


Food chain

Stop airing views

of vegetarian life

Please do us meat eaters a favor, and don't publish any more letters from vegetarians. Look, if that's the way you people want to live, that's fine. But stop trying to tell the rest of us how to eat. Besides, if everyone became a vegetable-tarian, how many more people would be out of jobs? Is that what you want, to destroy the economy even more?

Ranchers and dairy farmers, out of work. Meat processors, on the dole. Restaurants, shuttered. I don't think you would see lines of people waiting to get into a restaurant that only serves rabbit food.

It's called the food chain, and there's a reason that God put us on top of it. Deal with it.

Besides, if I became a vegetarian, it would take all of the fun out of being Catholic. On the eight days of the year that I am not allowed to eat meat, I anxiously await midnight, so that I can order that meat lover's pizza, or else nuke a couple of hot dogs in the microwave.

Edward Smrdel


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