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January 23, 2014

Letters | Who were the real liars as Secretary of State?; Girl’s actions demonstrate real spirit of Christmas; Liberal/socialist media alert

Re: Jan. 6 letter from Eileen Robertson, “’Hillary 2016’ bumper sticker induces nausea”

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Hillary Clinton

Who were the real liars

as Secretary of State?

Re: Jan. 6 letter from Eileen Robertson, “’Hillary 2016’ bumper sticker induces nausea”

Either she missed the point or she wanted to distort Hillary Clinton’s point. Do you think the loved ones of those killed would be less affected by who killed them. Their grief would not diminish one bit.

Speaking of loved ones of American killed, it is interesting she should mention Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. I quote her, “do you think either of these individuals would have said, ‘what difference does it make?’ “

Talk about lying puppets. Are these the two people who supported and lied about our reasons to invade Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, the relations between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? Over 3,000 killed, 30,000 wounded and maimed, coming home with amputated arms and legs.

What about their loved ones?

I think I have an idea of who you will vote for, regardless of his or her name.

I think you did barf .... on yourself.

John Parisi

North Myrtle Beach


Girl celebrated Christmas

with spirit of season

In Jason Rodriguez’s’ Dec. 25 story about Mariah Bailey (“12-year-old gives up her Christmas to serve Myrtle Beach area’s homeless”) he said that Mariah gave up Christmas to serve others. Well, Mr. Rodriguez, Mariah didn’t give up her Christmas, she was keeping Christmas the way it truly should be kept.

She is doing just what the one whose birthday we celebrate told us to do, and that is to serve others. Jesus himself said that he didn’t come to be served but to serve. Mariah has the heart of a servant, which we as Christians, followers of Christ, are called to do.

So no, Mariah didn’t give up Christmas, she lived Christmas. God bless you Mariah.

Linda Cox

Garden City Beach


Warning sign of media’s

liberal/socialist agenda

Re: Jan. 19 letter from Bill Johnson, “Don’t banish obnoxious cartoonist; just quit repeating his work”

The whole missive about Lee Judge and his cartoons was coherent, to the point and reasonable, right up until he threw in “It was another sad example of the liberal /socialist press pushing their agenda.”

Who would have thought that The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News was an agent of the socialist press. Wow. Well my eyes are open. Now as soon as I get those commies out from under my bed, finish up my fact-finding mission about how the moon landing was staged, and fit the final pieces into the puzzle of the well-planned 52-year-old conspiracy to falsify a birth certificate to bring Kenyan socialism to the US of A, I can move on with my life sure in the fact that the liberal and socialist agenda has been outed by the propensity to print Lee Judge cartoons. What a relief.

Tristan Mardall

Carolina Shores, N.C.

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