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Question for Rep. Rice:

What’s your bipartisanship record?

Your Sunday editorial was very timely, following on the heels of U.S. Rep. Tom Rice’s 2013 Progress Report that I received in the mail Saturday. His report does cover activities to improve the local economy such as his support of the Georgetown Port and the Economic Development Resources Forum, for which he should be commended. It also, of course, includes a lot of puffery such as taking Professor Porter to Capitol Hill to “educate” members about the importance of American Competitiveness (as though this were a new and novel concept).

I would have been far more impressed with the report from Rep. Rice, R-7th District, if he could have said “I reached across the aisle to find common ground with my opponents and try to end the partisan gridlock, to better serve my district and my country.” This would surely be more productive than tilting at windmills by gathering a few of his right wing buddies to propose a lawsuit that has no merit and little chance of going anywhere.

Fritz Vinson

Pawleys Island


Blame for breach

belongs to Target

I am not one for the federal government intervening in the private sector but in this instance I am glad to see the Department of Justice and especially New Jersey Sen. Bob Menedez taking an active role to see how a breach of this magnitude could have occurred at Target recently.

This has been happening all too frequently and must be stopped. To those who say “it isn’t Target’s fault,” I say the responsibility lies squarely on their shoulders. It is obvious that Target has a very poor IT department and in the programming area in particular. I wrote programs and designed financial systems for many years and if anything like this occurred under me, heads would have rolled, as this never should have happened.

John M. Schaeffer

Myrtle Beach


Roads force locals

to sharpen driving skills

Re: Dec. 30 letter from Paul Archer, “S.C.’s dangerous roads to blame for accidents, not its drivers”

I tend to agree with the writer's comment. The angle cross overs on U.S. 17 are sometimes a little confusing, as they are not always marked. And the overhead street signs on Bus. 17 look to be the size of a license plate.

If you have to make a left turn and need to be in the left turn lane, you better know where your turn is, because the signs are too small to read until you get under them. The locals and folk who are familiar with Myrtle Beach know where they are and when to turn, but a lot of drivers are new tourists.

So I would agree, the local drivers must be better drivers, just to survive the roads.

Jim Weaver

Myrtle Beach

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