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December 30, 2013


Re: Letter from Dan Stewart, “Don't judge this veteran's patriotism by car he drives”

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Buy ‘made in USA;’

keep money here

Re: Letter from Dan Stewart, “Don't judge this veteran's patriotism by car he drives”

Thank you Mr. Stewart for your military service; my husband also served, to the tune of two tours in Vietnam. I am not, nor ever have been, in the military. I am not a car salesman nor even related to or friends with one.

I realize that foreign cars are assembled in this country and parts of American cars are made in foreign countries. Butconsider this: Foreign cars are the product of foreign countries and foreign companies. For decades, these foreign companies have dominated the American car economy. Made in the USA, as products of this country, help this country.

Janet Beck

Garden City Beach


Christmas gifts arrive late?

Check staffing levels

Every media outlet is on a tear about the cause of the late shipments of holiday gifts and the disappointment it caused, from weather delays to aircraft availability, (and who can cash in on the Great American Lawsuit.)

Hasn't the obvious occurred to anyone? The delivery companies wanted to boost their year-end profits by cutting back on seasonal hiring, hence not enough bodies to get the work done.

Compare payrolls from previous holiday seasons. I bet the answer's there.

George Gritmon

Little River


Republicans acting

more like Democrats

In response to Jack Corria article on Republicans like Ray Cleary wanting to raise taxes. All you ever hear on TV or in the papers is how Republicans are fighting Democrats because they want to raise taxes and here the Republicans want to raise taxes.

I'm ashamed to even tell anyone I'm a Republican so now I will go the Independent route.Why in God’s name would you want to raise the gas tax, we pay too much as it is for gas. I think Jack has the right idea start licensing mopeds and trailers. These get a free ride on the public dime. I think Ray Cleary must be a RINO like our Sen. Lindsey Graham. Why vote Republican if they're going to act like Democrats?

Ed Koziol


Political correctness

Sports team names

that won’t offend

I am sick tired of hearing that the name of a football team is an abomination --The Washington Redskins. Let’s just get rid of all names that are associated with an animal, vegetable or mineral on every sporting event and team, from elementary school through college and all professional sporting events everywhere.

From now on it will be the Washington D.C. Football Team, the Irving Texas Foot ball Team. If you have two or more teams in one city, you would have the following, The New York Football Team, The New York Baseball Team and if you have two baseball teams like New York has, the second one would be The Other New York Baseball team.

This would eliminate all abominations against sports teams names. Now that we have done this, let’s see what else the great sports announcers can come up with for us to get rid of.

Walter Graves

Little River

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