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December 29, 2013

Letter | S.C.’s dangerous roads to blame for accidents, not its drivers

Re: Dec. 17 article, “S.C. ranks No.2 in Bad Driving”

Re: Dec. 17 article, “S.C. ranks No.2 in Bad Driving”

The ranking is based on the number of accidents. It should have said “S.C. ranks No. 2 in dangerous roads.” There are good and bad drivers in any state, but put a bad driver on a safe road and you will reduce the odds of an accident. Put a good or bad driver on an unsafe road and you will have many accidents, as in South Carolina.

We have cross-over roads which have no double yellow lines in the middle of them. If they did, there would be a right hand lane and a left hand lane on the crossover road. With no line dividing the road, cars turning left to cross over go to the left side of the cross over road. A car coming in the opposite direction turning left has no choice but to go to the left side also. They are now both on the wrong side of the road and are blocking each other's view. Both cars have to look to their right; but they are looking at each other's car. If both were on the right side of the cross-over road they would have an unobstructed view when proceeding.

I also see cars straddling the cross-over road. If there were some paint dividing the road, the car would see that his front end is over the double yellow line. Something as simple as paint by the S.C. Department of Transportation would prevent this. Next time you are out driving, look and see what a mess these crossover roads are. They are accidents waiting to happen.

When cars are at a traffic light and there is no left arrow and both cars are turning left facing each other, why do they dart in front of each other. They should proceed through the intersection and go around each other. By crossing in front of each other they block each other's view as to what is coming behind the car that is turning in front of them.

Again, a simple double yellow line in the intersection would stop cars from darting in front of each other. Again, accidents waiting to happen. Every driver knows not to cross a double yellow line.

I have never seen so many accidents as here. However, DOT keeps blaming the drivers.

When there is an accident, DOT just states that a car “Failed To Yield.” We need traffic lights on many intersections. Maybe DOT should state that there was an accident because there needs to be a traffic light. This is like two planes colliding in mid air and instead of finding out why they were in the same air space just say one plane “Failed To Yield.”

Look at the signs DOT puts up where you should turn to exit. They put the sign right at the exit, which is dangerous for people who don't know where to turn. Give enough warning to turn. Also, there are no street lights at intersections, so if you don't know where to turn it is too dark. There also needs to b a no right turn on red where the road goes onto a highway where cars are going 60 miles mph.

All accidents waiting to happen.

I think South Carolina has the best drivers. You have to be, to stay alive on these dangerous roads.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.

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