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Home Depot plays Santa

to American Legion post

The Myrtle Beach American Legion Post # 40 wishes to thank Home Depot Foundation Grant Program, the Local Home Depot Store #3655 in Myrtle Beach and their staff for supporting our legionnaire’s during the recent renovation of American Legion Post # 40 projects. The generosity of Home Depot Myrtle Beach personnel, who volunteered their time, and the materials provided by Home Depot allowed us to repair the roof, paint our building and repair our wheelchair ramp.

These projects will allow us to carry on our activities so that we may continue to live up to our motto of “Veteran’s serving Veterans” in the Myrtle Beach, Socastee area. We look forward to enjoying our newly renovated Post for many years to come. Post 40 legionnaires sincerely thank and appreciate all that Home Depot and their employees have done to support us.

If interested in knowing more about American Legions Post # 40 organizations, please call 843-293-6311 or email Shoeclown@aol.com.

Bill Shoe

Myrtle Beach


Tent cities on beaches

detract from area’s charm

Our beautiful Grand Strand has begun to look like some sort of refugee camp with the proliferation of the beach tents crowding the area during the summer. Bring an umbrella if you need shade -- and there are numerous small baby tents made for protection of the younger kids. If an umbrella and sunscreen aren't enough protection for you, stay home.

Run that photo from the Dec. 16 issue of the Sun News again ... pretty disgusting.

I hope our North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley and the council up here come to their senses and ban tents on all our beaches, not just the ones that seem to be eroding. The local residents and the tourists would have a better view and be a lot safer.

Barbara Miller

North Myrtle Beach


Shelters important for many

who seek to share the sand

Re: Dec. 23 letter from Alan Snipe, “Picture says it all -- beach tents mar sand for the majority”

Regarding Mr. Snipe’s letter complaining about the “tent city” on our beaches, he speaks of democracy and majority, which apparently consists of himself and perhaps a circle of other narrow-minded people who don't bother to look past their own selfishness.

I'm a resident of Surfside Beach, a business owner, voter and taxpayer and a frequent user of a canopy on the beach. I've never blocked anyone's access, views or been a safety hazard. In fact, beach patrol officers and lifeguards alike, will stop and be offered a soft drink and sandwich and the hospitality of a shaded oasis.

If the “majority” can look past the end of their noses, they may see small children with their families, elderly people unable to withstand the hot summer sun or family and friends; some of mine have been inflicted by skin cancer. I'm hoping others see that what you’re really for will curtail cancer victims and families from enjoying one of nature's gifts. They may not have much more time to enjoy the good times left with family and friends.

Billy Turner

Surfside Beach

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