Letter | Picture says it all -- beach tents mar sand for the majority

12/22/2013 12:00 AM

12/20/2013 2:19 PM

On the front page of the Dec. 16 issue of The Sun News is a color photo of some of the finest beaches in the world. These beaches attract millions of visitors annually with their white sand and gentle lapping waves. The fishing piers add to the enjoyment of the beaches.

There are contests held on the beaches, moonlight strolls, and mom and dad playing with the little ones in the sand or throwing a Frisbee. Kids on their rafts riding the waves. We are most fortunate to have had these great beaches for many years and throughout many lifetimes.

Oh, I’m sorry I looked at the photo wrong. These are no longer beaches in the summer. The photo must be of a tent city in another country. White, sandy beaches (?) Plenty of room to play with the kids(?) Pleasant views (wow the photo nails this one). Plenty of space for emergency workers to reach a visitor in distress (?)

Now due to erosion NMB is considering banning tents in three areas. Great.

Had representatives stood up and done the right thing in the beginning we would not now be having these issues. The first paragraph of this letter would have been preserved and everyone could enjoy our beaches.

Until representatives stand up for the rights of the majority as they are supposed to do we will continue to lose the very resources we have enjoyed throughout our lives. Representatives need to learn how to say no and protect the rights of the majority. Their job is not to give everyone what they want but to make reasonable decisions upon requests from the majority of their constituents.

Suddenly a beach umbrella is not good enough. People want to bring a 12x12 house to the beach, as seen in the photo. These tents have ruined our beaches in the summer, which is the time that the beaches should be enjoyed by all. This right has been taken away by the approval of the tents.

Tents belong in campgrounds or in the woods, not on our beaches. I say to the representatives of all municipalities and Horry County: Ban all tents on the beach and return the beaches to the majority for all to enjoy.

The writer lives in Garden City.

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