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November 14, 2013

Letter | National British health care a success

Re: Nov. 10 letter from Hugh Sutherland, “Understanding reality of universal care”

Re: Nov. 10 letter from Hugh Sutherland, “Understanding reality of universal care”

In response to the letter on socialism, I must say I agree with his statements on the health care systems in Britain and Canada entirely. I am English and lived under the NHS in Britain for over 20 years during which time I had a severe road accident which shattered all three bones in my right leg.

It was thought I would lose it but the skill of the surgeons saved it. Even so, I was in hospital for six months before it healed sufficiently for me to leave. All that cost me nothing other than the salary deductions which, I believe, were 4.85 percent at the time. Incidentally, that covers you also for retirement pension and unemployment benefits. We had two children born there. Excellent care and again no cost.

We have lived in Canada also. Our youngest son was born there and had a severe gastric problem at birth. Because of this, he spent his first three months in hospital and came out cured completely. The cost to us, nothing. Currently he is a very healthy young Horry County police officer.

This country needs to follow those advanced nation with excellent systems. It is my belief that Obama has that in mind but after what happened when the Clintons tried to introduce a single payer system, he is trying to do it in small steps.

Recently, I had an accident where a piece of glass penetrated my slipper and stuck in my toe. I took off the slipper and blood spurted out. A neighbor helped me then took me to the Emergency Room where I was kept waiting until someone came for me and took all information about my medical coverage and other things.

Then I was kept waiting again until I was fetched for X-rays. More waiting to find the X-rays showed no glass present and a nurse cleaned my foot and proceeded to bandage it. I told her it wasn’t the foot but the toe. She looked at it, which no-one had done previously, then put a Bandaid on it. All this took around two hours. Now I have received an insurance statement for this. The hospital submitted bills totaling $1,433. Medicare covers only 80 percent. In Britain and Canada, nothing to pay and much faster care.

The writer lives in Conway

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