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November 9, 2013

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I'm a Scots Canadian down here and have to listen to drivel about socialism.

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Understanding reality

of universal care

I'm a Scots Canadian down here and have to listen to drivel about socialism.

All of western Europe is well-organized, and taxes incomes to pay for our “free” medical care. Cradle to grave, we are all protected with the highest level of care. I paid 8 percent of my salary in Canada, gladly, for this.

But gas costs 5 bucks in Canada and 8 bucks plus in Europe. Incomes are higher than in South Carolina and taxes are commensurate.

There is no way this will be accepted here, but it is how most of the modern world exists.

So keep on paying minimal taxes and leave the poor to suffer, and continue to be thrilled to be No. 46 in educational achievement.

Or suck it up and join the modern world.

Hugh Sutherland

Myrtle Beach


Work with, don’t spy

on our allies

Re: Oct. 31 Chicago Tribune editorial, “It’s no shock that the U.S. spies on its allies”

Are some people so in love with President Obama that they lose their senses? Plausible denial is a good thing? I guess the buck doesn't stop at the President's office anymore. If it's good for the NSA, where else does it apply?

Regarding the accusations that other nations spy on us, where is the proof? You can bet we would be screaming bloody murder if we had some. You can accuse the Germans for failing to catch the 9/11 terrorists, but are we saying the Germans are in cahoots with terrorists? Do we doubt that our allies are as interested as we are in catching terrorists?

The answer is not in spying on each other, but to work with our allies in coordinating our efforts in dealing with terrorists. If we were leaders, that's what we would do.

Bert Kuthe

Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.


Yard sale a boon

for American Legion

On behalf of the officers and members of American Legion Post 503 in Calabash, N.C., I would like to thank all of the wonderful folks who supported our yard sale.

We received sale merchandise from more than 100 families, and on sale day, we were supported by hundreds of great customers. Our sale was an overwhelming success.

Dale Smith


Golf carts

Reactions to bike path request

reveal lack of knowledge

Two letters have been published bashing the proposed amendment to allow golf carts access to bike paths. The amendment reads “designated bike paths” that the municipality decides to use for golf carts.

No one has asked that all bike paths to be used for golf carts. The two letters published were from Murrells Inlet and Conway that are not in the area that we were discussing in our article. Your editorial about the golf carts did not mention Market Common, Withers Preserve, Highlands, Cresswinds, Sweetgrass and other communities here in the Market Common areas. We can not get to the State Park via golf carts so what is wrong with designating a bike path to help us?

Pat James

Seagate Village

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