Letter | N.C. editorial on ‘First in Flight’ makes point through humor

11/10/2013 12:00 AM

11/07/2013 6:29 PM

I don't usually laugh aloud when reading The Sun News editorials, but the Oct. 27 edition was the exception. Reprinted from a North Carolina newspaper, the topic was Connecticut's recent claim to be the first state in which a heavier-than-air craft was successfully flown.

North Carolina has pretty much owned that title for 100 years, thanks to the Wright brothers, and our sister state is none too happy about the recent counterclaim from up North. And that's where the fun began. Please allow me to recap, for those who missed it...

With apologies to my many good friends from Connecticut, I'll admit that my first laugh came with the reference to Connecticut as “that teeny-tiny excuse for a state.” The editorial then cited the “proof” given for the claim -- stating “and we use that term with reckless abandon.” It went on to call Connecticut “a state so small it probably should be annexed by New York anyway.”

By the time they got around to calling Connecticut “the Whiffenpoof State” I was laughing out loud. And the editorial ended with the encouragement for Connecticut to “put out a license plate with 'First in Term Life Insurance,' or something like that. But flight? Forget it.”

You know the familiar phrase “Don't mess with Texas?” I'd say Texas has nothing on North Carolina when it comes to firing back editorially. Thanks, Sun News, for starting my day with laughter this time!

The writer lives in Conway.

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