Letters | Second-home owners should stop whining about property taxes; GOP needs to get real over ACA glitches, media needs to get real over Georgetown fire, residents shouldn’t forget or forgive council’s promise to WestJet

10/16/2013 5:42 PM

10/16/2013 5:43 PM

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Second-home owners shouldn’t

complain about property taxes

I am writing this letter in response to the people from out of state who are complaining about the high real estate taxes that they are paying.

First off, if they can afford to buy a second home for a vacation home, then they can afford to pay the taxes. Most of these second homes are being used only for three or four weeks out of the year. These people are not contributing to the local economy as are the full-time residents. If it weren’t for all of the full-time residents that contribute to the economy, then these part-timers wouldn't have all of the businesses and services that they now have to enjoy .

We are the ones that keep our cities and towns alive. You cannot run a city or town on just vacationers. If it weren’t for us, the sales taxes would be even higher so as to keep the cities and towns up for these part-time people . I feel that the tax rate on these part-time second home buyers is reasonable and justified.

I think most, if not all, full-time residents feel the way I do .

Jack Correia

Myrtle Beach

Reality checks

Don’t overreact over

ACA glitches, fire

From the political party that favors austerity and less government involvement, some in the GOP are suggesting we waste more time and money investigating why and what went wrong with the initial internet enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that there were some glitches and surely the people working with the ACA website are busy trying to get them straightened out. It's ridiculous to think that we need a government investigation into the matter. It's just more grandstanding by the GOP which will serve no purpose other than waste time and money.

Wake up -- Georgetown still exists. Contrary to TV and print media reports, Georgetown continues to operate and function like a real city. Yes, a few buildings were destroyed and es, people were displaced from their homes and others lost businesses, and that is a tragedy. Yet the loss represents less than 5 percent of the businesses on Front Street and less than 1 percent of the city itself.

The governor, local officials and all of the media should stop acting like this was akin to the Chicago fire.

And though it's been about a week since it was reported, it should never be forgotten that Horry County will probably wind up owing WestJet about $600,000 because our county leaders had the audacity to “guarantee” an airline a profit. Who does that? All of those who voted for this measure should be booted out immediately. And no matter how they and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce try to spin it, we all lose tax dollars that could have gone for other purposes.

Gary Cernak

Garden City

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