Thank you, House of Representatives

10/05/2013 12:00 AM

10/03/2013 4:42 PM

Thank you for doing the job that your constituents elected you to do. You have done your best to save this country’s healthcare system and our economy by defunding the Affordable Healthcare Act which will destroy the greatest healthcare that the world has ever seen. Since your original vote, your members have tried to negotiate at least four times with offers to fund the entire government. The only requests were that Congress have the same healthcare benefits as the American people, and for a waiver on the individual mandate for the American people for one year.

Given what has happened in the first three days of enrollment, this has shown to be a much needed delay. This bill has been changed more than 1,200 times since its passage. Meanwhile health insurance costs are skyrocketing all over the country as predicted by those who took the time to read this bill and voted no!

The House has sought to provide separate funding, including bills for veterans and health care for the needy, but this and all the above has been rejected by the Democrats because they wanted this shutdown to use as a tool against republicans.

We have the best healthcare in the world. World leaders come to the United States when only the best will do. Government-run health care in other nations allows you to see a doctor but you must wait for months for the care that we get here next week.

The President’s healthcare bill is going to cost $1.33 trillion, almost double what it was estimated by the Congressional Budget Office, and that is added to the $712 billion taken from Medicare to fund this bill at our doctors’ expense. Their fee was cut and called savings. My doctor of 14 years will not see me next year. One more thing, it is estimated that when this bill is fully implemented, that more than 30 million Americans will still be without health care.

Over 1,200 individuals and groups have been granted waivers, large employers have been given another year before they have to take it on, and I expect that after the upcoming budget and debt ceiling fight is over, our President will give the rest of the labor unions a waiver. The House has tried to give us, the American people, a waiver by defunding this terrible catastrophe called Obamacare.

Most of the people that blame you and give you negative or low grades are unaware of all the bills that you have passed trying to stimulate this stale and dying economy while the Senate and Harry Reid just table those bills and do not bring them up for a vote. Our President just goes around the world making speeches, taking vacations and playing golf. You would think that he would realize some day that there are three parts to our government and that he is not king, that he must compromise to get things done. President Clinton worked with the House and was very successful with a divided government.

I pray for you because you will be demonized by those who do not understand what is happening and how ohnorable you are for taking this stand that our country needs so desperately. The other side is already accusing you of shutting down the government just to deny the President his legacy, but those who understand the process will understand who is shutting down the government.

If you could do it by yourselves, I know that energy and food prices would be lowered and that jobs would be created. You would have allowed the Keystone Pipeline to be built and electricity would be generated by coal; making gasoline, electricity, and food cheaper, and creating or keeping jobs at the same time. If you could do it by yourself, our nation would be stronger and more respected around the world and the people would have hope.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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