Did we vote for Graham or McCain?

09/15/2013 3:07 PM

09/16/2013 7:32 AM

Who did we vote for & why

About two months ago I called our senator, Senator Lindsey Graham’s office and asked to speak with a senior aide, since I thought my request would merit some attention. I was not allowed to speak with a senior aide - - they were all busy. I spoke with the phone answering aide.

I have been concerned with some of his recent votes in the Senate, since I could not see a reason for our senator voting as he did, thus I asked for a written response explaining his logic in voting for tax breaks for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island Rum producers and $100 million taxpayer contributions to Nevada tourism agency, and large taxpayer contributions to Alaska fisheries.

The $100 million (of which we must borrow at least $40 million) to encourage Nevada tourism will I am sure garner a huge campaign contribution for our leader of the United States Senate, Harry Reid, from the Service Employees International Union, which controls the labor movement in Nevada.

Presently our senator is pushing an agenda for an attack on the government of Syria. The Syrian conflict is a case of our enemies fighting our enemies, however the Syrian government is controlled by the alawite sect of Islam which is mainly tolerant of Christians.

The opposition to the Syrian government has taken over an ancient Christian village, one that goes as far back as to the time that Christ walked the earth, inhabitants there still speak the language that Christ spoke. The rebel faction that has taken that village has threatened to behead the some 3,300 villagers if they do not convert to Islam as the second book of the Koran dictates. The second book of the Koran states that it is the sacred duty of a Muslim that when they come upon a Christian it is their duty as a Muslim to convert them, enslave them or kill them.

If our senator thinks 1,400 deaths due to chemical warfare is bad, he should consider 3,300 human heads lying about unattached.

The Syrian government has protected Christians for several thousand years: Leave well enough alone.

Senator Graham consistently aligns himself with Senator McCain, did we vote for McCain or Graham?

The writer lives in Conway..

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