Letter | Attorney helps fight hunger in Myrtle Beach area; can you?

09/14/2013 12:00 AM

09/13/2013 4:06 PM

While there is much unfortunate news of the extremely high poverty rate here in America, the Community Kitchen is grateful for the overwhelming support and inspiration provided by Ian Maguire, a local attorney, who is passionately committed to feeding the hungry in our community. His generous financial gifts have increased the health and well-being of the citizens of our community through the hot nutritious meals served daily at the Community Kitchen.

Although we are unable to resolve the myriad issues surrounding those living below the poverty level, with Ian's passionate support we are able to meet the immediate critical need of hunger.

Realizing that people can be impoverished physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and culturally, as well as just from the lack of money, the Community Kitchen's mission is to address these needs by providing not only meals, but an environment of care, love, support, and safety to those who come through our doors.

Through collaborative efforts with businesses, individuals and churches, we seek to reduce hunger for those who are mired in poverty and have experienced so much misery and degradation in their lives.

The fight to end hunger and the fight to end poverty are intertwined; without proper nourishment obtaining and keeping jobs as well as concentrating in school becomes difficult if not impossible. The new nemesis among poor families is “food insecurity” -- when people have to choose between buying food or paying the electric bill, or paying a medical bill, or paying the rent.

With a growing prevalence of child and family homelessness, the need for food is critical. There is no need to wait a single moment; if you can do something to make a difference, do it now.

Ian Maguire isn't waiting -- he has made a personal commitment to improve the lives of those who are in need and we are deeply grateful.

Beth Harris and Nancy Cribb are co-directors of the Community Kitchen; Deacon Peter Casamento is assistant director.

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