Letters | It’s time for a Fair Tax; Unfair to compare Viagra with steroids

08/12/2013 5:57 PM

08/12/2013 5:58 PM

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Eliminate the IRS;

Support the Fair Tax

The 16th Amendment was ratified on February 12,1913 and thus the Income tax became a reality.

Democrats tried for years to pass a withholding tax before they finally suckered the Republicans into a compromise and achieved their goal with the 16th Amendment. This is another example where you should read the bill before you pass it.

The Fair Tax proposes to eliminate several taxes:

1. The Federal income tax and 16thAmendment, 2. Social Security tax and the employer portion, 3. FICA , 4. Inheritance, 5. Medicare, 6. Corporate tax (you pay this), 7. Self Employment, 8. Alternative Minimum tax, 9 Gift Tax, 10 Capital Gains, 11. All of your time preparing taxes and keeping records.

The Fair Tax proposes a 23 percent percent tax on new goods and services, but used items will not be taxed. Remember you get all of your paycheck without any withholding.

A prebate of the sales tax will be paid to the individual on the necessary items to live.

Luke Knight

Myrtle Beach


Comparison of Viagra and

performance enhancers unfair

Re: Aug. 11 op-ed column by Mande Wilkes, “Why Viagra is just like steroids”

In Sunday's paper a column by Mande Wilkes likened the use of Viagra to the use of steroids and other performance enhancers like human growth hormone.

She alluded that men who use Viagra and the like in the bedroom are equivalent to men using the other performance enhancers on the field of play. This is a bad comparison at best and a downright disservice to men who actually need help.

Although Viagra does enhance performance, unless you are in a pornographic movie there is not any competition with other people. People on a field of play should compete on natural ability and training.

Dedication to your craft and conditioning of your body should be the determining factors of success not chemicals. Unless every competitor was required to be enhanced, the chemical advantage is unfair to natural athletes. Because my friend uses Viagra and I don't does not impact my performance at all, unlike steroids. Her attitude in the article is insulting and wrong.

Martin Kadin

Hackettstown, N.J.

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